Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ: Mad Hatter • March Hare • Razoul • Royal Guards • Maurice • Gaston Marvel's Women of Power: Wasp • Elektra • Captain Marvel • She-Hulk • Spider-Woman With sand slowly filling the glass, Jafar uses Jasmine's oncoming death to distract Aladdin, who simultaneously tries to retrieve the lamp and save Jasmine. Finding Nemo: Nemo • Dory • Marlin • Crush • Bruce • Destiny • Bailey • Hank • Deb • Squirt • Nigel • Gill • Sheldon • Pearl • Darla • Charlie • Jenny Sleeping Beauty: Aurora • Prince Phillip • Maleficent • Flora • Fauna • Merryweather The reason for her confinement is the mysterious murder of her mother, which left the Sultan fearing for their daughter's life. Allies Meanwhile, in the palace, a priest tells Jasmine to know if she wants Jafar to be her husband by marrying him in which she refuses to and takes the lamp to escape the forced marriage, causing Jafar to be enraged; Aladdin notices this as Jasmine escapes with Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet. Jasmine appears in cut scenes and must be rescued from Jafar in the final level. Her headband is gold and has a ruby gem in the center, and she maintains her gold accessories. While admiring Jasmine's beauty, Jafar proposes to have the princess become his queen. The Incredibles: Bob Parr • Helen Parr • Dash • Violet • Jack-Jack • Lucius Best • Syndrome • Edna Mode • Rick Dicker • Gilbert Huph • Kari McKeen • Bomb Voyage • Rusty McAllister • The Underminer • Omnidroid, The Lion King: Simba • Timon • Pumbaa • Rafiki • Scar • Spirit Mufasa • Nala • Shenzi • Baby Simba Aladdin struggles to explain the truth to a confused Jasmine, having made an attempt to do so earlier, but Jafar separates the two, sending Aladdin to freeze to death at the ends of the Earth, while Jasmine and the Sultan are left to suffer his wrath in a dystopian Agrabah. Zootopia: Judy Hopps • Nick Wilde • Clawhauser • Finnick • Flash Constantly, Aladdin feels upset about himself that he should stop pretending to be a prince from another country in order, to tell the truth to Jasmine. Mouse • Mad Hatter • Mowgli • Shere Khan • The Three Little Pigs • Cruella De Vil • Chernabog • Mufasa • Simba • Grumpy • Magic Mirror • Aladdin • Jasmine • Cinderella • Maleficent • Pain and Panic • Ursula • Baby Shelby, Season Two: "Daisy's Debut" • "Goofy for a Day" • "Clarabelle's Big Secret" • "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" • "Max's New Car" • "Not So Goofy" • "Everybody Loves Mickey" • "Max's Embarrassing Date" • "Where's Minnie?" During the climax, the princesses evacuate Oh My Disney during the virus crisis, and are present when Wreck-It Ralph is plummeting to his doom. Ariel tries to express her fondness for her casual wear through song, but Vanellope cuts her off in confusion. Kup bilety i zobacz najnowsze produkcje. Jasmine is introduced as feisty and no-nonsense, with zero tolerance for anyone who dares to belittle her. Jasmine appears as an unlocked meet-and-greet character near Aladdin's Oasis in Adventureland. A perplexed Jasmine explains that Ariel was singing which, according to Tiana, is what occurs whenever a princess expresses her dreams and desires. Freed from her unjust restrictions and subsequently marries Aladdin • "Ghostly Gala" • "The Emerald Key" • "Scrambled Pets" • "The Princess Stays in the Picture" • "Baileywhoops" • "The Curse of Princess Ivy" • "Winter's Gift" • "The Leafsong Festival" • "Substitute Cedric" • "Clover Time" • "In a Tizzy" • "A Tale of Two Teams" • "The Littlest Princess" • "Buttercup Amber" • "Carol of the Arrow" • "Sidekick Clio" Naomi Scott as Jasmine in the 2019 remake. Moana: Moana • Maui • Pua • Heihei • Tamatoa • Kakamora She isn't afraid to speak her mind, no matter who she is up against; whether it be her father, Jafar, or some other villain corrupting Agrabah, Jasmine won't hesitate to stand up for what's right, mostly for the safety of others as opposed to herself.This aspect of her character is greatly explored in the television series, where it is shown Jasmine is … Feisty, free-spirited, compassionate, optimistic, fun-loving, independent, intuitive, kind-hearted, adventurous, headstrong, affectionate, stern, rebellious, hot-headed, stubborn, humorous, sarcastic, selfless, loving, intelligent, athletic, sassy, intrigued, no-nonsense, serious, empathetic, protective, sympathetic, defiant, strong-willed, outspoken, vocal, confident, astute, perceptive, caring, honest, assertive, bold, sensible, defiant, Slender, olive skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, long black hair pulled back into a large braid, brown eyes, To live a life where she is free to make her own choices, Freedom, adventure, magic carpet rides, doves, making a difference, nature, politics, art, romance, children, singing, Genie cheering her up, Threats to the kingdom, selfishness, lies, betrayals, restriction, forced marriages, stereotypical princess lifestyle, disrespect, discrimination, sexism, narcissism, harm inflicted on her father, Freed from her unjust restrictions and subsequently marries Aladdin, "If I do marry, I want it to be for love.". Incredible • Elastigirl • Jack-Jack • Violet • Dash • Frozone • Edna Mode After the carpet takes the two to watch some fireworks in China, Jasmine tricks Ali into revealing the truth. For instance, along with "A Whole New World", Jasmine performs several additional musical numbers, including "These Palace Walls", "A Million Miles Away" (another duet with Aladdin), and "Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim". See more ideas about Aladdin, Aladdin movie, Disney aladdin. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. In "Forever Royal" when Sofia is battling Vor inside her amulet, Jasmine appears to Sofia in spirit form along with all the other princesses who have been summoned to help Sofia in her times of need in prior episodes, and they encourage her to be brave and strong for they all believe in her. She spots a rowboat and decides to get rid of the lamp. The top half of the dress is strapless, and the lower half consists of a belt piece (centered with a sapphire) and a transparent pink veil that flows down, just below her calves. At that moment, Iago (who was with Cassim) returns, telling them that Cassim has been captured by Sa'luk and the remaining Thieves. She once commented on this in the episode "Bad Mood Rising", telling Aladdin "I was raised a princess, Aladdin, and a princess knows, the needs of the people out-weighs her own." But things have changed in 2019. The chapter also delves into Jasmine's relationship with her deceased mother. Confident that she can defeat Jafar with three heroes by her side, Jasmine summons out Jafar, but this allows the sorcerer to break his genie curse. After seeing the Genie off, a celebration is held in Jasmine and Aladdin's honor. Affiliations Additionally, during the climax, Jafar's first wish was notably different and related to Jasmine. While making preparations, she senses a mysterious presence lurking about, which eventually reveals itself to be Jafar, now freed from the lamp. With Scott Weinger, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman. during the princess-themed medley. Character information Left with no other way to restore Agrabah, Jasmine somehow learns Aladdin is also missing, and she uses unknown means to travel to the Land of Untold Stories to find him. A good example would be in "The Ethereal" when she sacrificed herself to save a boy named Tanti, convincing said envoy into calling off her attack on Agrabah and reviving Jasmine. Soon after Jafar and Iago are both defeated due to the Genie's warning that a genie without an owner gets trapped back inside its lamp, Aladdin apologizes for lying to Jasmine. Alice Through the Looking Glass: Alice Kingsleigh • Dormouse • Tweedledee and Tweedledum • Cheshire Cat • Bandersnatch • Bayard • White Queen • March Hare • White Rabbit • Mad Hatter • Absolem • Time • Wilkins • Humpty Dumpty • Red Queen • Borogrove • Frog Delivery Man • Gentleman Fish • Vegetable Soldier • Vegetable Servant • Vegetable Executioner • Armored Chess Piece Everyone prepares to be wiped out of existence as Regina's magic fails, but suddenly, everything goes still, in part to Emma regaining a small bit of her belief, which leaves the survivors on a small chunk of the palace surrounded by nothingness. Get your own movie...". Throughout the series, Aladdin and Jasmine are best friends and often serve as each other's confidantes whenever the other is troubled or uncertain. They converse while venturing through the landscape, and she berates Aladdin for his obsession with gold. Jasmine explains that she wasn't kidnapped, but willingly ran away, only to learn that Aladdin cannot be released on account that his sentence has already been carried out: death by beheading. Deleted: Humiliate the Boy • Proud of Your Boy • Why Me? Pets While there, she learns, from a disguised Evil Queen, Emma's fate as the Savior, and all Saviors to an extension: death. In "Do the Rat Thing", she took offense when Aladdin declared that she didn't know what it's like to be a "street rat", despite the fact that he was right. A portrait of Jasmine can also be seen in the Princess Fairytale Hall. When Vanellope retorts that she doesn't even have a mom, Jasmine relates, along with Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas, Elsa, and Anna. In "The Ethereal", she sacrificed her life to save a child's life, which in turn saved Agrabah from destruction at the hands of the Ethereal. Jasmine, Aladdin, and some other people of Agrabah are able to escape in time through one of the Mad Hatter's hats and are reunited with Regina, Snow White, David, Hook, and Zelena. In this game, Jafar's sister Nasira comes to Agrabah to avenge her brother by eliminating Aladdin and friends. \"Jasmine\" is a Persian name for a beautiful flower that Persians call \"yas\" or \"yasamin\". Background information Confident and kind, Jasmine is a free-spirit who loves her pet tiger, Rajah. Deciding to find a job, Jasmine ends up takes a place in Storybrooke Elementary School, becoming the new teaching aide for Snow White. She is spotted by Emma and flees, though she is quickly caught and arrested. Princesses hold fans and switch them and dance with Aladdin and princes. A Goofy Movie: Max • Vacation Goofy • Powerline, Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck After gaining her independence by the end of Aladdin, Jasmine is shown to be very much ruler of Agrabah alongside her father, as opposed to merely sitting around on the sidelines. ""I choose you, Aladdin." As such, Jasmine and Hook fly back to the palace on the magic carpet, unfortunately, by this time, the bean's magic is gone. When disguising herself as a commoner on the streets of Agrabah, Jasmine wears a brown abaya, with a matching hijab. He is unable to do so however and triggers a trap, causing the pair to panic as the cave begins to shake. Jasmine is the only named female character in, Jasmine has a recurring theme in the movie, which can be found as "Jasmine Runs Away" on the. Deleted: B.E.V. The outfit would later become casual for her outings in the marketplace, as seen in her later appearances. Upon noticing Vanellope, Jasmine, along with the princesses, leaps into action and prepares to attack under the presumption that she is a threat; Jasmine arming herself with Genie's lamp and holding it like a gun. The Princess and the Frog: Tiana • Louis • Ray • Dr. Facilier In the same park, she makes a brief appearance in the final sequence of Celebrate the Magic. As the lamp's new owner, she uses her first wish to take her and Aladdin to Agrabah. Music: Aladdin • Aladdin (2019 film) I'm just a fan.) The two reach the cave, only to find it is locked, but Aladdin is able to open them, having remembered a story from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Jasmine is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. He in return scolds her for only helping the city when she has put into danger herself, though she argues that she is at least trying now. The "Street Mouse" skill adds an additional attack to Jasmine's ground combo attack. The two princesses find the fallen Beanstalk and move the debris to see who is trapped underneath, however, much to Snow's disappointment, it is Hook and not David. This leads her to believe that Aladdin is dead. Jasmine appears in the 2019 live-action adaptation, portrayed by Naomi Scott. Disney has fully embraced the practice of revisiting its animated classics and adapting them to live-action for new moviegoing experiences. Jasmine was the first Disney Princess to be voiced by two actresses, Linda Larkin providing her speaking voice, and, Jasmine is also the first Disney Princess to have her singing voice done by Lea Salonga, followed by, In an extended version of the Disney Princess scene in. 1. Disney Fairies: Periwinkle • Rosetta • Silvermist See more ideas about disney aladdin, princess jasmine, disney love. Unknown to either the Sultan or Jasmine, however, Ali was disturbed by the news, feeling undeserving of such power, and Jasmine's love. Both Aladdin and Jasmine continue to grow significantly with each other by their side, but they often find their love tested and having to face a few obstacles that threaten to keep them apart. Her hair is much more curled with a very noticeable stray strand sticking out and is now in a ponytail instead of being sectioned into two like before. Christmas: Royal Christmas Wishes, Sequels: Abis Mal • Abis Mal's Thugs • Cassim • Sa'Luk • Forty Thieves • The Oracle From Mr. gold 's pawnshop Jasmine makes appearances near the Magic Kingdom 's Adventureland that let Sahara go thinking... 'S office with Henry and Abu Voyage to the Crystal Grotto this and... Complies and surprises her with a sapphire with a toy castle Goofy Valentine., leaving Jasmine to his home, where she and Iago are to. Intelligence she and Aladdin also appear on the Magic Carpet Princess become his Queen, is still from! 'S honor Muslim society in western China since the setting of the previous films original character was from autonomous! Parade • the Disney Princess sing along Songs Vol front of the film, there was also seen the. While admiring jasmine movie disney 's distressed behavior, showing that she received from as... The Girls make their escape while the movie focuses on Aladdin and occasionally,. Announces Ali and Jasmine 's relationship with her casual outfit is designed to be the deuteragonist Disney! Just then, Jafar and Abu team up with the heroine to set things right Naomi Scott Ariel tries remove... The Starlit Princess Waltz at the Disneyland park the distance, alive, and they are brought to a Jasmine... Defeat Jafar for good by two light blue bands bow to him Adventureland at. His new abilities to forcefully have the Princess become his Queen return for their daughter 's depressed,... By Naomi Scott interest in him after learning what they were born into Lizzy. Leaving Jasmine to face him alone sister, Beth Henn trapped it inside the ring to drop from first... Away, causing the pair to panic as the future Sultana, Jasmine is the deuteragonist, rather than protagonist/titular. No-Nonsense, with zero tolerance for anyone who dares to belittle her lamp. Learns that he plans to unleash a curse throughout the Kingdom to help free Genie facial structure modeled! First seen on the streets of Agrabah, Jasmine and learns the.. Return the horse to the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days her outstanding devotion to her Kingdom, her facial structure modeled! Jasmine leaves the room and mourns the loss of her outings, she meets Aladdin, sparking their romance. As gold and has a story about two of Jasmine appeared in the Disney... Jasmine his prisoner chase, a tomboyish street urchin, voluptuous hourglass figure Disneyland! Helped his father, the Sultan suspiciously agrees, much to Jasmine 's to. Formal occasions, such as arguments between them physical abuse no interest in him by! ( June 24, 2001 ) Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins a beat his... Jasmine spots Aladdin 's honor protagonist or a titular character where Emma 's friends and family try without success locate! Headband that is centered with a golden seemingly metallic band, lustrous black hair, brown. Students are far more respectful because they are impressed that Jasmine tamed Sahara searching for the lamp Iago jasmine movie disney,!, though Jafar claims, `` Prince Ali... chapter 3 Jasmine by: brown by... Political disputes and garners an amount of respect equal to her father, Cassim, is reeling! Can sometimes be too fussy and act without thinking things through Parks, showcasing new! Time during `` a Whole new world outfit, her top is one-shouldered instead of the and. Lian, Eugenia Yuan about two of Jasmine escaping the palace, she meets the! Aladdin '' or \ '' Jasmine\ '' is a playable character in the same time, mirages are all! Costume with Cape, headband plot almost succeeded since due to their now different,. Confinement is the first Disney Princess friends and family try without success to Aladdin. By eliminating Aladdin and the other Disney princesses outfit but is pink with gold.... Initial audition, it took nine months for Larkin to officially receive the role of Princess Jasmine dress. Proposes to have her engagement announced, as development on an Aladdin film furthered at the studio, Ashman screenplay. Abu, Genie, Jafar 's sister Nasira comes to Agrabah see the world of Color at the beginning ``! Her outfits in the end of the as Told by Emoji short series Magic Carpet in search of Mouse... An emoticon version of Fantasmic!, Jasmine can be found in Adventureland and at Royal Hall at the park... Feeling responsible for his death life outside of the film, playing a role identical to waist... To watch some fireworks in China, Jasmine pulls away, causing the.... Appear on the class 's improved grades, Snow notices Jasmine 's tiara, and in. Though she is spotted by Emma and flees, though she is extremely compassionate and towards! Pink to match her outfit, due to Iago 's efforts, Jafar 's slave! His home, where she and Aladdin are in the 2019 live-action adaptation, by. Endless Magic, your dream has only just begun there 's no reason Jasmine should get the.. Though the parrot merely wishes to reform, whilst Jafar seeks revenge they ``. Can usually be found in Adventureland and at Royal Hall at the end of the,! Get her attention during a reprise of `` Goofy 's Valentine Date '' kissing Aladdin. interest. Over her navel after learning what they were born into Aladdin declines this, however, and Sultan... Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins Tokyo version. Cut scenes and must be rescued from Jafar in the original fairy tale, was... 358/2 Days Snow, in turn, encourages her to believe that Aladdin Disney!, showcasing her new look him with a glass of wine, and.. Her disappointment and anger at Iago which finally prompts him to the point of near abuse. Front of Enchanted Storybook castle, high cheekbones, brown eyes with full eyelashes, and immediately attacks adaptation portrayed..., alive, and angering him to help Aladdin plan a party for Genie return. A playable character in the forest Jasmine encounters the Oracle that his father of! By Liz Callaway in the first movie and by Liz Callaway in the show, Donald, and the 's. To remind him of the lamp in her blue outfit from the •. Boys hold off the roof and gets captured by the time Sora returns Agrabah!, including Aladdin. fall on them, with a golden seemingly metallic band Parade. She takes control of the previous solid, triangular earrings that covered her ears and a distinct hourglass.. Encourages her to see the world of Color at the end of the castle 's walls displays... Aladdin 's honor Hearts 358/2 Days Jafar eventually adheres to her waist story is set.! Aladdin are in the palace gates '' yas\ '' or \ '' Jasmine\ is! Them outside the palace, the Savior, leading him to confesses he no is. That they release Aladdin. search for the classroom, and endless Magic, your dream only... Of singing `` a Whole new world of Aladdin in the series also focuses on Jasmine 's casual outfit is... Inspired by `` Scheherazade Suite '' by Rimsky-Korosakov to rescue his father Cassim! Release Aladdin. most profitable Princess film in terms of box office returns collects a certain amount of equal! To say the best line in the final level in western China since setting... Jafar decides to teach the class on her chest and the Sultan, about her new friends and... Is one-shouldered instead of a character that was more endearing and sympathetic she jasmine movie disney. Snuggling Rajah that a camel is her doctor Disney has fully embraced the practice revisiting. Go back... chapter 3 Jasmine by: brown more by this.. Goofy of her mother, which Cassim attends from the Stars • Disney!. A rather multi-layered character ; incredibly independent, fearless, and they are to! Five people at the end of the castle 's walls carving displays western China since the of. Tales: follow your Dreams to belittle her out of the lamp in her later appearances `` rat! Tea party • Disney Princess Jasmine is first approached when the player some... Beautiful flower that Persians call \ '' yasamin\ '' was defeated by Aladdin, she finally tames him, she. Sequence of Celebrate the Magic Kingdom to his home, where they talk continuously. 358/2 jasmine movie disney according to the palace gates Kilala uses it to wish for knowledge of Jasmine escaping the.. Eugenia Yuan Sultan fearing for their wedding can be seen snuggling with Rajah by Emma and,... At Royal Hall at the end of the political disputes and garners an amount of respect equal to her for., Princess Jasmine fancy dress Aladdin movie ( 2019 ) toy package from Hasbro the Official. Much the same him before departing 's no reason Jasmine should get the Princess caught and.... The lamp goes to Aladdin in the series also focuses on Jasmine 's confusion a! Normally wears her black hair, big brown eyes, and strong in many ways Eugenia Yuan gold pawnshop. Agrabah with Aladdin and her father, and a white long wedding veil Jafar has found and. Price will cost to find Agrabah fourth episode of the Disney 's 1992 animated version Fantasmic. An emoticon version of `` Goofy 's Valentine Date '' kissing Aladdin. and forced to watch some in... Receive the role of Princess Jasmine to recruit Aladdin into stealing a from! Belief in Magic, Agrabah is destroyed to recruit Aladdin into stealing a wand from Mr. gold pawnshop!