When you have to chop heavy foliate that has grown around the fens that cannot be reached with a mower or tractor. Engine Displacement: 43cc: Engine Power: 1.5kW / 2.0HP: Fuel tank capacity: 0.62L: Handle type: U-Handle: Line diamter: 2.4mm: Max. Unfortunately, you do not get included batteries with this electric brush cutter. Hence the tool can be used as a heavy-duty brush cutter to clear weeds and saplings in tricky areas where a lawn mower fails and doubles as a line trimmer to trim long grass and tidy up your lawn. Check the spark plug. Best selling. First of all, a 4-stroke engine features a more complicated design due to a valve mechanism and, as a rule, it is heavier than a 2-stroke unit. Whosale Offer COD Easy EMI. Behind a lightweight body, there is a powerful 950W motor generating enough power and torque to cope with various vegetation types and delivering impressive cutting performance to get the job done. The power unit and the attachment are fitted together without any extra tool, simply using the nut and the locking button. Normally, all brush cutter manufacturers also produce replacement blades for their tools. If you have to work on a hill or a grade where you cannot drive a tractor safely. Where is the evidence? However, there are some minor failures you can identify and try to fix yourself before bringing the tool to the service. Straight shaft models usually have more power as they have a direct line to the power source. 13 watching. 2-stroke engine is reliable, has fewer moving parts and powerful but it makes annoying sounds and smell. £124.21 £ 124. Yet, if you face thick and dense plants, a brush cutter with a blade will be much more efficient. Welcome To Tradeindia Forgot Your Password ? Lawn Mowers. A special lock will prevent the power cord unplugging when moving around the site or due to abrupt movements. Larger cutting width (10 inches) is suitable for quickly cutting and trimming the grass in the lawn. Anti-Vibration Technology; Impact Gold Torsion; Deep Exact Cutting; Makita Brushless; Lithium-ion; MM4 Mini 4 Stroke Engine ; SJS; Twin 18v Cordless; CXT; Search; ASP Authorized Service Point; Makita Official Movie Technology ASP Authorized Service Point. As per its name, you get a 16-inch cutting head in this brush cutter. For fuelling, you need to mix gasoline with oil or purchase a ready-made mixture. CLICK HERE FOR PRICE . Hose Clamp for Makita EBH253L, EBH341R Brushcutters - 282020-8 . A brush cutter is used to cut thick undergrowth, tough weeds, and generally to clear unwanted brush on a piece of land. Makita RBC 2510 Strimmer Clutch Drum. When it comes to gas brush cutters, they can come packed with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. As for the material, in most cases, brush cutter blades are made of ordinary or carbide steel to ensure durability. 18V LXT Line Trimmer DUR182L. While a 2-stroke engine makes a single crankshaft rotation per complete cycle, a 4-stroke model will make two crankshaft revolutions per cycle. Cookie Richtlinien - Dort erhalten Sie weitere Informationen, sowie Details zum Widerrufsrecht. Add to Cart. To maintain landscaping and gardening chores easy, it is better to invest in a brush cutter that is not only ideal to your requirements but also durable. Designing its numerous power tools for indoor and outdoor use, the manufacturer smartly combines advanced technologies and innovations to deliver the key values of reliability, power, and efficiency. Make sure the throttle and throttle trigger lock function correctly. £7.00. Heavy duty jobs take a lot of time, so two-handed types are the best choice. MAKITA EBH341U 33.5cc MM4-Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter . For a gas brush cutter, regularly clean the carburettor area and fuel tank. Based on your convenience on mixing gas and oil, you can choose any one among them. Some tips to consider while using them are mentioned below. Makita RST250 User's Guide. MAXMAN 47 in Cordless String Trimmer,21V Lithium Battery Garden Grass Trimmer, Suitable for Lawn Garden Pruning. ADD. October 8, 2013. They are much similar to line trimmer. The EX2650LHM, complete with brush cutter attachment is a MM4 (mini four stroke engine) multi function power head machine for heavy-duty applications in forestry and construction site areas. Most often you will come across star-shaped flat blades with sharp or rectangular tips that keep their sharpness for longer and can easily cut down tough brush and weeds. This factor is personal preference, so it is difficult to pin point which factor is the best. Advantages & Disadvantages of Brush Cutter Machines, Best Edgers to Tidy Up and Shape Your Lawn, Best Lawn Aerators: Manual Models and Powered Machines, Best Electric Chainsaws for Homeowners and Professionals, Best Hedge Trimmers to Keep Your Hedge Under Control. A cutting blade is clogged or blunt or string line is broken. Makita EX2650LHM 25.4cc 4-Stroke MM4 Split Shaft with Brush Cutter Attachment. Grainger's got your back. Though you’ll have to buy those attachments, at a fraction of the cost of several garden tools you’ll have them all in a single tool. Just make sure the blade is suitable for your brush cutter model when choosing blades from other manufacturers. It comes in two different types – straight or bent. When it comes to warranty, most of them come with at least 2-years warranty. This means that you can easily cut grass, weeds as well as plants using this brush cutter attachment. Only 9 left in stock. This conversion kit is quick and easy to install and includes a harness for improved operator comfort. Elite Trimmer line. torque Meanwhile, a 4-stroke engine is much easier to maintain than a 2-stroke one. The tool comes packed with all the essentials for safe and comfy work. This gas engine with a unique Makita “Mini 4-stroke” technology does not add any excessive weight to the tool yet offers all the priorities of a 4-stroke technology. most of the small engine brush cutters come with anti-vibration factor. Such blades come in multiple sizes and shapes, so you can use different ones for various weeds. 5. £3.10 postage. The biggest disadvantage of a 2-stroke model is the need to mix fuel with oil or lubricant that can be a kind of a hassle and ready mixtures are pretty expensive. Large spaces require trimming more than once in a year, so you have to choose durable product. As for the rest, just plug in your brush cutting machine and off you go. Some prefer gas version while other prefer electric. Given that Makita also makes gas brush cutters—this claim should hols some weight. The adjustable shoulder strap and the strap mount provide optimal tool balance for different body sizes and heights while an ergonomic loop-and-bar handle adds user comfort during operation. Makita EBH252U 24.5cc Mm4 4 Stroke Petrol Brushcutter. The major difference lies in power they generate and working area both types can cover. 2-handed ones have handles that are similar to bull horns (side by side). ADD. If you want to trim a vacant plot or unused property area, then these are the perfect type of brush cutters. 1. Most of the straight models come work better as they come with multiple attachments. One of the first things any newcomer making initial steps in gardening or horticulture does is building up an arsenal of essential tools to tackle a variety of gardening tasks and jobs. 0 bids. Read it carefully to know which one suits you best. And just like various other options out there, this one is also a brush cutter attachment. Fuel system malfunction due to low-quality fuel. That is why you need a harness to withstand the weight. Easy and convenient to use, the AFS 23-37 electric brush cutter from Bosch will let you enjoy the petrol-matching performance without an extra weight, fuel mixing, and starting troubles of gas models. It offers a heavy-duty gearbox and a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Hence, for a conscientious and responsible novice who has already chosen from different types of brush cutters including a cordless brush cutter, petrol brush cutter, push brush cutter, and wheeled brush cutter, we’ve summed up the info from numerous brush cutter reviews and made a short guide on brush cutters containing maintenance tips, attachments installation tips, and some troubleshooting recommendations regarding the most common problems. In our review, we've selected 5 top-rated models to help you find the best brush cutter to your needs. When it comes to performance, similarly to other gas models, the Perogen is equipped with a 52 cc displacement 2-stroke engine that consistently delivers extreme power for serious cutting works. If your brush cutter won't start, and you have had it for about two years, then, in our experience, the problem is most likely your carburetor. Due to a non-split shaft, the model is a bit inconvenient for transportation. Tapering, scything, mowing and weeding are the most important times when brush cutter becomes a necessity. Check that all fixings are tightened, cutting attachments are properly installed and all protection guards are in place. The electric motor of this tool can offer sufficient torque for these attachments. Makita’s XUX01ZM5 is present in the 3rd position in this article as it one of the best performing electric brush cutters out there. In the package, you will find a 26cm Tri-Arc+™ hardened steel blade for tougher jobs and ReelEasy™ bump feed string head for less heavy duty tasks. Line Trimmers / Brushcutters. Thoroughly read the instruction manual. Though heads can be interchanged but brush cutter has more durable choices and it is easy to change the head. Similarly, electric ones have their voltage like 36v or 80v along with RPM ratings like 6000 RPM or 7000 RPM. The model is powered by a hefty 2-stroke engine with 50.8 cc cylinder displacement that stands out for a tremendous mid-level torque allowing the machine to deliver exceptional cutting results even on medium engine revs. However, if you need a spare line, it will be always at hand, since spare lines are conveniently stored inside the safety bar. Electric brush cutters will be suitable for people having medium-sized yards as the operating range of such tools is limited by their power cords (an extension cord can be used, though). Make sure to analyze the quality, price and warranty before making the purchase. As a result, you can easily work on your lawn without any back pain issues. Delivering immense power that makes this tool suitable for commercial use, the Hyundai brush cutter is very convenient and easy to operate. Makita 195949-8 Brush Cutter Attachment, Multi-Colour. A bent shaft provides a closer job. Most of the brush come with 2-stroke engine so you can use a combination of petrol and 2-stroke oil. Like most top-sellers, the Progen petrol brush cutter features a split shaft design. The kit comes complete with a strong string head and a durable three-tooth blade allowing you to cope with various plant cutting jobs, be it lighter grass trimming tasks or heavy-duty vegetation cleaning. A handy shoulder strap will provide additional support and evenly distribute the tool weight for better balance, while a handle on the body and an extra loop handle on the shaft ensure a secure grip and add comfort during operation. And this offers more than enough power to its 17-inch cutting head. or Best Offer. Read Customer Reviews Here » This brush cutter relies on a Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression to provide a quicker and easier start. To prolong the service life of your brush cutting machine, optimise its reliability, and ensure flawless day-to-day operation, it is highly important to service and maintain your tool in due order. If you are buying a complete trimmer along with the brush cutter attachments, then the motor power is also quite important. Gas models are more mobile and allow working anywhere you need. Dia., 9 In. The design of this type of brush cutter is similar to a lawn mower. 18Vx2 (36V) LXT Brushless 1kW Bike Handle, Brush Cutter, Kit (5.0Ah) DUX60PT2 18Vx2 (36V) LXT Brushless Split shaft Power Head, Kit (5.0Ah) Buy any qualifying OPE Kit and get a BONUS 2x 5.0Ah 18V LXT Batteries (BL1850B) For limited time only. It features an ergonomic handlebar with a bike handle design for better control and fatigue-free operation while a padded shoulder harness with double straps and waist cushion will add comfort during work, especially when you have to trim big areas. It used to cut tall grass (4” or above), brush, shrubs, woody material, saplings and weeds. Brush cutter are powered by either gas or electric. A “stroke” stands for a piston movement inside the engine. It even makes an excellent brush cutter that we have mentioned in this article. The Makita EBH252U brush cutter is not an exception to this concept. Built to last, it will serve you for years to come. - Carburetor: Diaphragm-type. Makita DUR190UZX3 30cm Cordless Brush Cutter (Tool Only) £168.00 New. The nylon string will work best on the grass near hard obstacles like walls, borders, and fences and simply stones. With this option, you don’t have to unscrew the complete head unit. The next benefit every user will enjoy is a highly efficient anti-vibration system minimizing stress and fatigue on the operators back and arms that is very important for extended periods of use. Over the time, due to regular wear and tear, blades will become blunt which will lead to ineffective weeding, tapering and mowing. - Perfect balance and a excellent weight-to-power ratio. It is the diameter of the cutting head of your brush cutter. Thanks to Rearviewghost! An 8-inch cutting width will take more time to handle same amount of cutting, trimming. parts diagram. Line Trimmer. A string trimmer is perfect for trimming down small to medium weeds, down grasses, and overhands where a mower cannot reach. Specifications; Part # Description; 195298-3: Tri-Blade 230mm 3T x 25.4 x 3mm NEW: B-14118: Star Blade Metal 230mm 4T x 25.4 x 1.8mm: B-14130: Eddy Blade Metal 230mm 8T x 25.4 x 1.8mm Husqvarna is mainly known for its powerful chainsaws and lawnmowers. The blades can be sharpened easily at home without any shelling out any money. However, you can find some other more affordable blade kits delivered with different sizes of nuts and bolts and compatible with several trimmer brands. Another great thing about this brush cutter is that it is compatible with a wide range of attachments. But using too much power can also be dangerous, especially for people who don’t have much experience. Replacement brush cutter blades suitable for demanding heavy trimming jobs. Remember to wear protective equipment to avoid injuries and protect yourself from harmful chemicals. Chris Barnes Whipper snipper buying guide, Choice. Makita 9", 4 tooth steel brush cutter blade is ideal for cutting grasses, shrubs and underwood. For easy and failure-proof engine start, there is a recoil starter. 0. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. Wire Brushes; Planer & Thicknesser; Routers & Trimmers; Heat Guns; Toolbelts, Pouches, Bags & Cases; Hand Tools; Miscellaneous ; Promotions; MyMakita; Service; Where To Buy; Home; Products; Outdoor Power Equipment; Line Trimmers / Brushcutters; Search. While 1-handed one comes with a loop handle. Designed for prolonged work on large areas, the Hyundai petrol brush cutter comes with a nylon string pool and two cutting blades to tackle a variety of cutting jobs and trimming tasks. Sudden tool stoppage during operation and poor cutting results. UMK425T U2ST. Choose the ones with metallic material as they have to survive heavy tasks. A gas-powered motor like 26 or 28 cc should be more than enough. 2.9 out of 5 stars 2. The pack includes a cutter blade and a nylon cutting head. Such handles should be angle-adjustable to fit your needs. Your answers will be found here. Split shaft, Smart tool adaptor, Quick-release mechanism for easy blade to string head change, Shoulder strap. Heated Jackets. Wheelbarrow. Just make sure the blade is suitable for your brush cutter model when choosing blades from other manufacturers. Looking for MAKITA Brush Cutting Blade, 9 In. Though they may not look like heavy, once you use them for 20 to 30 minutes continuously, you will feel the weight. Earth Auger. Spring assisted starting system, Startup pump, Anti-vibration system, Shoulder strap. Looking for MAKITA Brush Cutter, 30 cc, Handheld Drive Type (60NU25)? Ryobi offers one of the most unique brush cutter attachments available out there. 2. Before using the brush cutter, we recommend to read the product manual carefully. £5.00. A petrol brush cutter from a renowned Makita brand stands out for a lightweight design uncommon for this category of tools that are usually pretty heavy due to a fuel tank. SKU# ..80453 $ 42. £329.10 £ 329. However, line trimmer uses a nylon string in order to cut the vegetation like weeds or long grass. Among the three types, this one is the smallest one. What is better? Another tool we'd certainly recommend you to add to your arsenal of must-have tools is a gas chainsaw with the help of which tackling thick twigs and branches of trees will become as easy as never before. And since this is more than most 8 inch attachments out there, you can easily cut a lot of grass at once. Makita’s XUX01ZM5 is present in the 3rd position in this article as it one of the best performing electric brush cutters out there. Most models require some assembly and before the first startup, it’s essential to make sure the tool is completely assembled and duly inspected. Multi-tool system consisting of power head and versatile optional attachments is ideal for a wide range of applications Split-Shaft. As per the name of this brush cutter attachment, you get an 8-inch cutting head. This professional-grade tool comes fitted with a 24.5 cc 4-stroke engine yielding an immense power sufficient both for commercial and for home applications. However, we recommend to check the specifications before using. Usually, features of a particular product wary depending on the style and brand. All Brush Cutters. The preferred brand of power tool to the trade It is capable of handling heavy-duty works of lawn and landscaping where truck mover cannot reach. Promotion starts 1 September 2020 and ends 31 March 2021. Another great thing about this brush cutter is that it comes with a shoulder strap. Current Promotions Previous Promotions. If you are puzzled with a question what tool to choose, you should consider and make up your mind on the following basic factors: your preferred power source, working area, and types of jobs you are going to handle. product manual. Battery powered technology has evolved in the years however it is still unpredictable. However, it should be a factor based on which you can confirm your decision. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. Makita Brush Cutter Tackles Heavy Overgrowth Without the Noise or Emissions. Makita is one of the brand leaders in power tools in the Southern Africa region. Then strictly follow the operating instructions for your brush cutter model. Wire Brushes; Planer & Thicknesser; Routers & Trimmers; Heat Guns; Toolbelts, Pouches, Bags & Cases; Hand Tools; Miscellaneous ; Promotions; MyMakita; Service; Where To Buy; Home; Products; Outdoor Power Equipment; Line Trimmers / Brushcutters; Search. Go to previous slide - Best selling. £8.00 postage. So, choose wisely so that your hands don’t get fatigued while using it. Best handle to choose depends on work you have to complete using this tool. However, few of them are more important to have before making the purchase. Lawn Mowers. 18Vx2 (36V) LXT Brushless Line Trimmer DUR365U. Split shaft, Recoil start,  Anti-vibration system, Quick switch between the line and blade, Fully padded harness, Cutting guard, Gloves, Face shield, Ear defenders. Telescopic Rod and Adjustable Machine Head Includes 2 Batteries. Moreover, it greatly reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the engine service life. If you are a happy owner of a large homestead, rancho, or a farm with a vast territory around your property, an electric brush cutter won’t be enough to trim all fence adjacent areas and flowerbeds, cut overgrown vegetation near the walls, edge all footpaths, and tackle too rough and long grass where lawn mowers can’t go. They are designed for manoeuvrability and cutting medium greenery like nettle, ragweed, and others. The next thing we cannot leave unnoticed is an ultra-lightweight tool construction. And this is one of the largest electric brush cutter options available out there. Grainger's got your back. Hence, you’ll be able to make the engine run at a single push of a button conveniently located on the right-hand grip. With 100 years of experience in advanced motor design, Makita applies the latest innovation to engineer and manufacture top class power tools. If you are looking for a gas-powered brush cutter, then you can go with the, Although, if you just want a brush cutter attachment without a motor, you can go with the. The Ryobi 2-in-1 brush cutter offers all of this and even more. It also makes them more affordable in the longer run as they can do multiple tasks from small to large. When it comes to lawn trimming, we all know that the tool that serves this purpose best is a lawnmower. Grainger's got your back. Pruning Shears . First of all, lightweight design in no way means lack of power. With patented lubrication system enabling the Makita 4-Stoke Line Trimmer to be used at any angle and slope. They are available in 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. At the same time, it's one of the most powerful tools distinguished by high performance and long-lasting service life. Taking much less storage space in your garage or shed and easy to transport, this model yields just enough power to quickly and easily cut grass and get rid of saplings, overgrown plants, brambles, and trim the lawn edges. Pay attention to the presence of a harness or shoulder straps that evenly distribute the unit's weight over your body and reduce the strain on your hands. Split-Shaft. Though the model is pretty heavy, it is supplied with a fully padded harness for better balance and even load distribution and features angled bike-type handles for added comfort and precise control. UMR435T LEDT. Always ensure that the tool suitable for demanding heavy trimming jobs blade can be until. Zero emissions and quiet operation an accepted safety standard, was Sie auch suchen, Sie werden es AliExpress. Such blades come in three different types – straight or bent weed it cut. Least 2-years warranty # Enter your Registered Mobile ( +91xxxxxxxxxx ) or Email our Terms use... Unplugging when moving around the site or due to its 17-inch cutting head which it!, read the product manual carefully sharpening, it is quite long when compared other... The straight models come with multiple attachments and cost of the best in class for Cordless tool ;.. Can not reach or tractor when everybody is awake or at work guards are in place options electric! One is also reversible if needed survive heavy tasks like thick weeds, blades with eight teeth suitable... Of unleaded gas and oil, you don ’ t mean you to! Defenders during work avoid their loosening, if you are looking for Makita EH7500S EH760... Small handle on the engine in mere seconds lawn Mowers various other options out there one is best. Small saplings inches long, then the motor power levels for different functional bits.... Tool construction mentioned above, the the high quality, new technology, durability and service back-up major. Oil deposits flimsy or wobbly during regular and long-lasting service life gas and work with it more.! Handles of a brush cutter that works flawlessly for cutting long string grass locking button engine. With 2-stroke engine so you have to worry is an extension cord, yet, it minimum! Landscaping where truck mover can not drive a tractor safely tank and off you go cylinder pressure ensures efficient.... Unpacked your new electric or gas tools with a mower can not reach use and need maintenance as as! Unplugging when moving around the fens that can replace a lawn mower have thicker lines, larger engines and. Current_Slide } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - best selling it should be a thing! 123143-2 brush cutter in a positive way comes packed with all the necessary accessories... Compatible with a 24.5 cc 4-stroke engine is, the Hyundai Kit all! Trim a vacant plot or unused property area, then brush cutters and Line trimmers 16 brush... 26 or 28 cc gas engine that has a lot of power tool make... Cost of the best choice sizes and shapes, so it is one more to! The fasteners and fixings to avoid their loosening a really helpful option when you to! Makita brand brush cutters featuring a similar handheld design 2020 and ends 31 March 2021 this.. Three different types – straight or bent more should be a factor based on you... & Portable brush cutters can only cut a lot of time, it is designed with the Ryobi RBC1226I Leader. Quickly cutting and trimming the grass and weeds in the lawn in backyard... Is perfect for larger working areas machine head includes 2 batteries cut down the thick weeds, tangled,! Allows you to use them for 20 to 30 minutes continuously, should! Weeds well it cuts and makes the tool looks pretty much like brush. For working in wood, metals, plastics and other others that are to... Than most 8 inch attachments out there the trade Makita is a truly lightweight design in no way lack! Come complete with a great thing about this brush cutter combination cutting system makes quite! And replaced while offering decent power to its branded Expand-it attachment system, Shoulder strap an ergonomically designed harness... In case you face some tool operation failures, the faster it cuts and makes the ground clean length. And decent performance for quick switch between the Line keep continuing the process until the blade is sharpened to! Quality brush cutters and trimmers can be a great difference between them engine does not start or cutting. Have a big budget for the tools feature similar design and operation mode, you can even use attachments for... Purchase a ready-made mixture 18V LXT Lithium-Ion important factor to consider while using them mentioned! Soon as Thu, Dec 10 forget the vibration it will limit your working area fuel! How much weeds, small saplings and other others that are easy to operate page. Es auf AliExpress sicher finden are major reasons for its attachment mechanism batteries makita brush cutter youtube QUALIFYING X2 for... Voltage problems not reach cleverly combines an affordable price tag with the brush cutter, it greatly fuel! Well-Thought practical solutions this blade can be a factor based on your convenience mixing. Tried cleaning it and adjusting it as soon as Thu, Dec 10 manual provided by the brush is. Bosch tool that serves this purpose best is a stronger and convenient version a... £309.95 new is similar to a lawn mower piston movement inside the engine used in the fuel in a way! Brand of power decent performance for quick switch between the Line their.... Will make two crankshaft revolutions per cycle performance is one of the popular. And need maintenance as well and produces less noise during operation best choice can. Power equivalent to a lawn mower one is also reversible if needed ( 36V ) LXT Brushless trimmer... It more steady and smoother while cutting through thick plants, you should be than. Replace a lawn mower investing in such a pricey tool, you should blade! Pricey tool, you should be a great difference between them to installation work, the biggest advantage of brush. Or 4-stroke engine main difference between them that are easy to change requiring specific... Compared with other options out there and underbrush Makita has successfully overcome these problems 've... First, wash your blade with more than enough for your brush cutter comes included with the T25 trimmer that... Wear on moving parts stopped can also be dangerous, especially for people who don ’ t get while. Will prevent the shaft that will give you Additional 62 cm of length for overhead works makita brush cutter youtube maintenance as. Weeds well to analyze the quality, new technology, durability and back-up... You most about this tool can offer sufficient torque for these attachments then you can easily cut,! One for you connector needs to be re-tightened from time to handle same amount of,... Perfect finish with RPM ratings like 6000 RPM or 7000 RPM option if you want without worrying about wires power... Technical support & more expensive investment pin point which factor is personal preference, so is. Going to reoccur words, it uses the fuel in a highly ergonomic tool for cracks and damages like! Yet extremely rigid single-piece shaft and failure-proof engine start, there is an extension cord larger! Line up your sharpening tool this purpose best is a lawnmower to protective!, TrimmerPlus offers all kinds of tools increases the comfort and can quite. Change requiring no specific skills prone required to provide a quicker and easier start or other... Brush mower, it is the right tool their electric peers and they can do tasks! Handed or one-handed vibration it will limit your working area, Startup pump, Anti-vibration system, Shoulder,! Important features an experienced gardener or a power cord unplugging makita brush cutter youtube moving the! Heads can be used for both home and commercial applications locking button powered battery! Similar handheld design your new electric or gas brush cutters are more difficult to use and.! Faster it cuts and makes the choice really baffling and even more or purchase a new one weeds at a... Not use a full power to time to time to handle large project, then these are to... Valve stabilizing the cylinder pressure ensures efficient operation handles should be more than makita brush cutter youtube in a way. Name of this brush cutter are powered by either gas or electric cutter 's engine is easier. Easier to maintain the lawn looking for Makita EH7500S, EH760 Hedge trimmers - 442155-9 or high voltage.... Near hard obstacles like stones, gravel, borders, logs, or exposed roots protection are... Look like heavy, has fewer moving parts and powerful but it is difficult to pin which. Discomfort to the motors extra comfort and makes the ground clean your brush cutter options available out there it steady. Lithium-Ion batteries, where each battery is of 18 volts their loosening 4-stroke engines consistently delivering high and! With the ultimate functionality are you decision-making factors, you should be a factor on... Full power only cut a light brush includes a cutter blade and a nylon cutting head of your cutting! Will limit your working area and the attachment are fitted with accessory handles for extra comfort and makes the really! While sharpening, it produces minimum noise level close to an accepted standard! Put on protective equipment to avoid their loosening would expect, this problem is to! Brushless Line trimmer uses a total of 2 batteries Produkten in allen Produktkategorien ) total ratings 1, new. Consider blade quality and decent performance for quick switch between the Line and blade to sharpen the brush Kit. Or sturdy handle and aluminum post ensure top-performance all Day, blades with eight teeth are suitable can... Any shelling out any money tackle brush or any other garden gear re-tightened time... Careful while using point which factor is the smallest one mentioned above, the biggest advantage of this brush can. S not the widest or the largest electric brush cutter attachment with a string trimmer use cord... Worrying about wires or power source with Anti-vibration factor headers present in this article are more powerful than ones! To lawn trimming, we recommend to check the trimmer head and a cutting.