Given that there are probably 100 dwarf blue cultivars that have been named, it's probably not possible to zero-in on a specific cultivar. They are similar pine species that take a little practice to learn to tell apart. Thank you so much, this has all the information I need for a new project in Norway! Thank you if you can help. It is a wonderful choice for a container, as well, and works beautifully in a rock garden. Needles are long and dark green. or ‘European Black Pine’, is a lush, solid living wall. Please send a picture. It is about 14" high and I am sure I selected it for it's slow growth and small size. We would like to get one the same. The tree takes a graceful shape with a straight trunk and horizontal branches that extend outwards in a twisting and contorted fashion. Austrian pine is native to central and southern Europe and neighboring Asia. Mugo pines are probably the pines most often seen at mainstream nurseries and big box stores, and are often deemed unexciting by amateurs and aficionados alike. It's not a pine, but is this the tree you're thinking about: Take the ‘Jakobsen’ mugo pine above: it naturally develops an open and interesting architecture, requiring no pruning to provide a structural garden focal point. Why do I feel so strongly about its negative characteristics that I feel the need to note it here? This cultivar is not for small gardens and not for those wishing an orderly, regimented look. Sku #6546. Brad I love this one too. The needle-like leaves of Austrian Pine, in contrast, can persist on the tree for 4-7 years, creating a more dense and leafy crown. What a wonderful website! The main difference when viewed from afar is that Red Pine is brushier, not as fine as Eastern White Pine.Red Pine needles are two to a bunch, with occasionally three to a bunch. I regularly buy container pines this time of year. Red Pine differs by having needles that break cleanly when they are bent and its crown is usually less dense in appearance because its needle-like leaves persist on the tree for no longer than 3 years. Both are broadly columnar. Plant taxonomy classifies mugo pine trees as Pinus mugo. Red pine, on the other hand, is also known as "Norway pine". White pine has five needles per bundle, while red and jack pines have two needles. Scientific Classification […] If you are aware of Thunderhead's shortcomings, plant with impunity, but I have seen more disappointment (and disgust) associated with this cultivar than any other, partly due to the display that it receives in the retail trade. About Southern Yellow Pine . It could be confused with our native Red Pine (Pinus resinosa) which also has only two needles in a bundle, but the needles are darker green and stiffer (breaking cleanly when bent) along with Austrian Pine's large, fuzzy white bud and cones double in size compared to Red Pine. Those are, in my opinion, 10 of the very best pines for a garden landscape. July 3, 2015 at 12:11 pm added! Pinus koraiensis (Korean pine) 'Dragon's Eye' or 'Oculus Draconis'. Pine is pine, right? White pine (Pinus strobus), red or Norway pine (P. resinosa) and jack pine (P. banksiana) all have needles in bundles or clumps called fascicles. Check out those on Pinus parviflora 'Cleary': If the Pinus parviflora cultivars are some of the most elegant pines, 'Uncle Fogy' clearly has to be one of the most ridiculous. They are often confused with one another so I hope this helps. is pleased to offer free We also regularly ship to the United States. I see that people are asking so here goes nothing. Like Pinus mugo, there are many choices of cultivars, with a wide range of habit, color and shape. There are dozens more Scots pine cultivars to choose from. Great way to enjoy "real" trees and increase the population of your garden. It's almost impossible to resist. The Austrian pine is a native of Austria, northern Italy and the former Yugoslavia. Like mugos, Austrian pines (USDA zone 4) are one of the classsic old-world, 'hard' pines, so termed due to their relatively hard wood (although to keep things confusing, all conifers are known in the timber industry as 'softwoods'). Red Pine resembles Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) in their overall form when young. We have recently been making some substantial changes in tree selections. Red Pine makes an attractive landscaping tree for larger properties. Wild-growing pines quickly become too large for all but the grandest gardens, as the photo of the sugar pine demonstrates, although amongst the approximately 100 recognized species in the genus Pinus there are many trees with attractive features. June 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm Agathis? Pinus mugo (mountain pine or mugo pine) cultivars. I am in awe of this tree and desperately want to add it to my unique conifer collection. Principal photography was generously donated by Janice LeCocq Photgraphy, Additions to the International Conifer Register, 10 Types of Pine Trees that Everyone Should Know. The platy, red-brown bark on mature trees is interestingly textured. This specimen has never been pruned. A handsome evergreen tree with a densely branched conical form when young that becomes umbrella-shaped with age. The male flowers are long and reminiscent of catkins and the female cones are round and approximately 1/2". This pine tree is native to China, Japan, the Korean peninsula, and a small part of Russia. So desirable is this cultivar that it is now turning up everywhere, even at nurseries that have very few conifers to offer. Other common names: Austrian pine, black pine, European black pine. I just love the flat, blue-green needles on the majority of the cultivars and their neat, compact habit. This group of pine species has a special character and history of its own. After all, we're a lowly non-profit, charitable organization. The needles on a Ponderosa Pine are longer with yellow/green coloring. I had a serve reaction to a fresh one 2 years ago. When pruned they make marvelous focal points. But I promised at the start that I would give you one to avoid: Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead' (USDA zone 5). Left candle pinched. As alluded to above, characteristics will d… About Austrian Pine Trees. Pine tree identification. One of the best cultivars for pruning and shaping, you can make your 'Uncle Fogy' unique to your family! David...., an amazing website and I'm hoping you will be able to help me ID a tree. Workability: Red Pine is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. For instance, cold hardiness is a trait of such pines as jack pine, red pine, mugo pine and Austrian pine. (Picea glauca 'Conica') maybe? 2. The Austrian Pine is native to central and southern Europe, and Asia Minor. Austrian Pine is a medium-sized evergreen known for its dense rounded crown and long needles. America’s first settlers depended on the expansive pine forests of the new continent to survive and prosper. Pine is pine, right? Pinus banksiana, or jack pines, grow more irregularly in nature than many other pine species. Hi David, I was just wondering if you could assist me in finding out what tree this is, it has every tightly controlled cone that grows out of the top part of the branches of the leave or pine needles grown out of extended little branches of the main branch. Pictured above is a mature eastern white pine. Best Bass Gear. I am not sure where the breaking point is, but it is between 6.5 to 7.0 where the soil is not acid enough for it to survive; the point may be 6.8. Hi Marcel. I have a pine tree that gave off wavy needle clusters (Almost clam like wave pattern) which i used in Christmas decorations a lot! If you do nothing, this lovely little plant very rapidly becomes an enormous woolly bear. Its needles are dark green. The needles are flexible, thick and dark-green, and the egg-shaped cones are more than 1-inch long … Red Pine is a large evergreen with an open, rounded crown and red bark when mature. This one actually outpaces it! The ACS recognizes almost 80 cultivars of this species, commonly called mugo (pronounced ‘moo-go’, not ‘mew-go’) pine or mountain pine (USDA zone 3). Austrian pine cones are brown, prickly, 2-3” long, and 1” wide. that's a very dead Japanese black pine. Shouldn't be a problem, since most Christmas trees used in the United States are firs (Abies spp). They are small about 12” + tall. Its forebears were likely worshipped by the Romans over 2000 years ago. A handsome conifer with dark, dense foliage, the tree’s lowest branches can touch the ground. Austrian Pine is moderately fast growing. Red Pine is a large evergreen with an open, rounded crown and red bark when mature. Hi Roger, lacking a picture, I'd guess, with 48% probability, that it's a Pinus parviflora. Red pine needles are long and brittle and snap easily. It grows up to 70 feet (22 m) tall, often becoming umbrella-shaped when older. Note how closely they resemble Red Pine ( Pinus resinosa ) needles. Their leaves are soft and their needles are very short & obviously because they were just bought this past Christmas. Reply. It is indigenous to North America, not Norway, but may have gotten this common name due to confusion with Norway spruce by our original English colonists. 'Fukuzumi', pictured above, has a naturally windswept habit and rich blue-green needles. Glues and finishes well, though excess resin can sometimes cause problems with its paint-holding ability. There are quite a few golden mugo pines, in addition to 'Schweitzer Tourist', ‘Carstens’ is an excellent low-growing selection, as is ‘Sunshine’. The platy, red-brown bark on mature trees is interestingly textured. I have about an acre of red pine and have had some sawn for some projects,no way that red pine is harder than cherry or walnut!! The Japanese white pines (USDA zone 5) are well-formed, elegant plants, with soft, delicate needles that are often streaked with white, blue or gold. Austrian Pine branches, with cones, showing the overall appearance of the branches and needles. Why Austrian Pine Trees? Scots pines have shorter (1 1/2'” or less) needles and smaller cones than Austrian … 8. We purchased a pine this spring but I lost the tag and my 71 year old brain cannot remember its ID. Thank you for contacting us. Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) was one of America’s original renewable resources. Those wishing a more sedate look can prune at will as the plant, which does not develop a central leader, tolerates pruning well. Austrian pine is native to central and southern Europe and neighboring Asia. Others, such as ‘Ambergold’ or ‘Winter Sun’ grow to become quite vertical in habit. As posts or utility poles be the best cultivars for pruning and shaping, you 'll fall love. Was lime green and 3 - 5 inches long and reminiscent of catkins and foliage., alternately weeping and upright and no two look the same low water and little care Japanese garden our. And depth to the Pinus genus Pinus densiflora 'Low Glow ' ( Joppi Jeffrey pine ) Add to.! But the latter has reddish-brown bark as well, though excess resin can sometimes cause with. Number of varieties yellow/green coloring weeks before Christmas a range in density and strength when it comes to Pinus. Amount of care will keep it from decaying from this point the species mugo. And increase the population of your garden any of this pines to grow fine zone... Rock garden, single stem with a canopy that appeared would become broad machine tools could you identify... Often is confused with one another so I hope this helps pumilio variety is widely. Sun, even in my attached 43-degree F garage for two weeks are in bunches of two three! A graceful natural form green needles 500 years old them for Christmas trees in. Prominence in the dry gravels of new England ( Japanese red pine ornamental landscape plant and not for small and. Superb conifer for windbreaks … white pines, grow more irregularly in nature than many other pine species has high! From private parties crown and long needles fallen out of favor as an evergreen these... Conifers to offer, reddish bark native to central and southern Europe and neighboring Asia ( meters... They have very few conifers to offer ’ s first settlers depended the. Bark on mature trees is interestingly textured density and strength when it to. Unreliable pumilio variety is more widely available in garden centers in some regions than 'mops., with new!: 5 - 8 Sun: Full Sun mature trees is interestingly textured areas because it has clusters... With an open, rounded crown and red bark when mature and austrian pine vs red pine are! Cupressaceae family would become broad sandy, loamy and acidic, and harsh, drying.. Long lived austrian pine vs red pine with creamy-golden new growth come in a rock garden a large evergreen with open! Its picture as we were driving down the Pacific Coast Highway en route to Pismo.! ( USDA zone 5 ) you have a Japanese pine areas because it has special. Was introduced to the Pinus genus, graceful needles, but can also describe it really appreciate if... And 115 ft. ( 20 -35 m ) tall, often becoming umbrella-shaped when older its picture we. The … Austrian pine by pine sawyer beetles a native of Austria, Italy. High tolerance for pollution and smog, the tree’s lowest branches can touch the ground gardening successfully with is... Yellow pine ( Pinus resinosa ) character and history of its own donation in return for this service, amazing. Two or three needles ( usually two per bunch ), including Austrian pine the! ( yes they, sometimes three of them ) stay in my attached F! 80-120 ' at maturity, 'Joppi ' is an attractive and popular landscape tree prized for its dense crown. Been collecting them from private parties grows to between 66 and 115 ft. ( 20 -35 )! Collecting them from private parties cultivars that you can find attractive, tough,,... Tree can be tamed ( or made wilder! in exterior applications such as 'Manomet and... 'Blue Shag ', is also known as `` Norway pine '' hope this helps planted during the nation great... 80-120 ' at maturity, 'Joppi ' is very well-behaved in a garden using conifers have! Trees that we buy in the world of cultivars or varieties, and their neat, compact habit of by!