Watch Queue Queue. The Action and Capture of the Spanish Xebeque Frigate El Gamo, Clarkson Frederick Stanfield. War of 1812 and Georgia Format by C. W. Barnum Return to Georgia Military Index. The right side depicts him as a disgraced civilian imprisoned within the walls of the King's Bench Prison. The Stock Exchange established a sub-committee to investigate, and they discovered that six men had sold substantial amounts of Omnium stock during the boom in value. Are there any heroes in the War of 1812? Thomas Cochrane had a naval career[4] and was appointed as Governor of Newfoundland and later Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom. With a 900-ship Royal Navy notorious for harsh discipline and frequent desertion, England turned to impressment of American sailors to fill out its crews. They succeeded in destroying the Turko–Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino, and the war was ended under mediation of the Great Powers. See full details of his family at, Archival material relating to Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald,,_10th_Earl_of_Dundonald?oldid=5221353, Annsfield, near Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, William Horatio Bernardo Cochrane, officer, 92nd. [26] Cochrane maintained his innocence for the rest of his life and campaigned tirelessly to restore his damaged reputation and to clear his name. This argument led to Cochrane's only duel. It was anchored at night to face the enemy behind the harbour wall. His approach was similar to that he used in the navy, and would have led to numerous deaths amongst the arresting officers and at least partial destruction of Burdett's house, along with much of Piccadilly. Americans were inordinately optimistic in 1812. By not guaranteeing American economic independence and agency, Britain continued to deny American sovereignty. [47] He was conferred with Honorary Membership of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland in 1857.[48]. The allegiance of British seamen found aboard neutral ships was, according to the Prince Regent, ‘no optional duty which they can decline or resume at pleasure,’ but ‘began with their birth and can only terminate with their existence.’, Between 1790 and 1812, some 9,900 crewmen were taken off American merchant ships. [18] Cochrane admitted he was acquainted with De Berenger and that the man had visited his home on the day of the fraud, but insisted that he had arrived wearing a green sharpshooter's uniform Cochrane said that De Berenger had visited to request passage to the United States aboard Cochrane's new command, the HMS Tonnant. In the 20th century, the figures and careers of Horatio Hornblower in the novels by C. S. Forester and of Jack Aubrey in the Aubrey–Maturin series of novels by Patrick O'Brian were in part modelled on his exploits. He noted that the British had not abandoned their policy of impressment. Prevost asked Alexander Cochrane to “assist in inflicting that measure of retaliation which shall deter the enemy from a repetition of similar outrages.” Alexander Cochrane promptly issued orders to captains and commanders to retaliate, “to destroy & lay waste such Towns and Districts upon the Coast as you may find assailable.”. While the War of 1812 officially ended when the Treaty of Ghent was signed, fighting continued until February 1815, when the US Senate ratified the peace treaty. Admiral Lord Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald . Two served with distinction in the military: William Erskine Cochrane of the 15th Dragoon Guards, who served under Sir John Moore in the Peninsular War and reached the rank of major; and . Elizabeth Katharine Cochrane, died close to her first birthday. In February 1800, Cochrane commanded the prize crew taking the captured French vessel Généreux to the British base at Mahón. Just as frequently, it is described as the Second War of American Independence. Katherine, whom Cochrane called 'Kate', 'Kitty' or 'Mouse' in letters to her, often accompanied her husband on his extended campaigns in South America and Greece. In 1805, Lord Cochrane entered a Royal Navy competition for a superior convoy lamp. In his final years, Cochrane wrote his autobiography in collaboration with G.B. A painting of the Capture of Valdivia in the Chilean naval and maritime museum. The HMS Arab and her commander were assigned to protect Britain's important whaling fleet beyond Orkney in the North Sea. The committee assumed that all six were responsible for the hoax and subsequent fraud. The attack did considerable damage, but Cochrane blamed Admiral Gambier, the fleet commander, for missing the opportunity to destroy the French fleet. The Spanish tried to board and take over the ship. [20] Cochrane's defence also argued that he had given standing instructions to Butt that his Omnium shares were to be sold if the price rose by 1 per cent, and he would have made double profit if he waited until it reached its peak price. Yet the pressure for a declaration of a second war against Britain came not from coastal merchants and ship owners but from the frontier states of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. He failed in his attempt to capture the Chiloé Archipelago for Chile. 1861. Americans, mistaking the wig of a parliamentarian for a scalp, in a three-day rampage torched the government buildings and sacked private homes and a church. Cochrane's full return to Royal Navy service was delayed by his refusal to take a command until his knighthood had been restored, which took 15 years. He also took part in the burning of Wa… Between March 1827 and December 1828, he took an active role in the campaign, but meeting with limited success due to the poor discipline of the Greek soldiers and seamen. A few days later he was exchanged for the second captain of another French ship. British Admiral 10th Earl of Dundonald 1775-1860. He has many statues in South America. She was the daughter of Captain James Gilchrist and Ann Roberton, the daughter of Major John Roberton, 16th Laird of Earnock.[3]. After routing the ill-prepared American militia at Bladensburg, Maryland — who fled so fast the episode became immortalized as the Bladensburg Races– the British torched the White House, the Capitol and all other government buildings. National Society United States Daughters of 1812 During the War of 1812, the British invasion included the Eastern Shore of Maryland. But, documentation shows that he was focussed on politics at this time and, indeed, refused a number of offers of command.[13]. "The Life and Daring Exploits of Lord Dundonald". Georgia Battles: ~Skin Cypress Pond, Georgia date … On the second day of the trial, Lord Ellenborough began his summary of the evidence and drew attention to the matter of De Berenger's uniform; he concluded that witnesses had provided damning evidence. In June 1806, Cochrane stood for the House of Commons on a ticket of parliamentary reform (a movement which would later bring about the Reform Acts) for the potwalloper borough of Honiton. here rests in his 85th year thomas cochrane tenth earl of dundonald baron cochrane of dundonald of paisley and of ochiltree in the peerage of scotland marquess of maranham in the empire of brazil g.c.b. John Murray, London (2000). The Rising Star was a 410-ton vessel adapted to a revolutionary design at Brent's Yard at the Greenland Dock at the Thames: twin funnels, retractable paddle wheels and driven by a 60-horsepower engine. Portrait of Lord Cochrane in 1807 by Peter Edward Stroehling. In his autobiography he compared the Arab to a collier. Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860), was a British admiral, a legendary seaman, one of the most emblematic and famous sailors of all time, a hero in Britain and Latin America, and a Philhellene. After several more promotions, he died in 1860 with the rank of Admiral of the Red, and the honorary title of Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom. Major Thomas Macdonough Senior, Captain Thomas Macdonough's father, lived at a farm referred to as “The Trap” (also spelled 'Trapp'), in the county of New Castle, Delaware. Thomas Cochrane was the admiral for the british navy. He demanded the payment of a vast sum of prize money which he claimed was owing to himself and the squadron as a result of the recapture of the province in 1823. [43], In 1806, Cochrane had a galley made to his specifications, which he carried on board Pallas and used to attack the French coast. VASCONCELOS, Jaime Smith & VASCONCELOS, Rodolfo Smith. By Charles Turner – National Portrait Gallery, London. Seaman, Radical, Liberator. During the War of 1812, Clay was Speaker of the House and a leading War-Hawk. Throughout this perilous period, the struggle was largely about free trade, what Winston Churchill described in his monumental History of the English Speaking Peoples as an “unofficial trade war.”, USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerriere, a significant event during the war. 1st Edition. Cochrane went to Greece to support its fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire, which had deployed an army raised in Egypt to suppress the Greek rebellion. Two weeks later, while the treaty was on a ship sailing to New York, the British attacked New Orleans, only to be slaughtered by Andrew Jackson’s sharpshooting frontiersman, Creole militiamen and American artillery. ISBN 0-7195-5566-3, Lloyd, Christopher Lord Cochrane. Through his uncle Admiral Sir Alexander Forrester Inglis Cochrane, the sixth son of the 8th Earl of Dundonald, Cochrane was cousin to his namesake Sir Thomas John Cochrane. While captain of Speedy, Pallas, and Imperieuse, Cochrane became arguably the most effective practitioner of coastal warfare during the period. He received a contemporary education here but it remains uncertain if he attended any sort of formal schools or was taught by family members or a tutor. This was an elopement and a civil ceremony, due to the opposition of his wealthy uncle Basil Cochrane, who disinherited his nephew as a result. The authorities, however, decided not to pursue his plans.[45][46]. Things as they now are. He urged the British Cabinet to negotiate peace. He had campaigned for parliamentary reform, allied with such Radicals as William Cobbett, Sir Francis Burdett and Henry Hunt. In subsequent weeks, he was dismissed from the Royal Navy by the Admiralty and expelled from Parliament following a motion in the House of Commons, which was passed by 144 votes to 44. [44], In 1812, Cochrane proposed attacking the French coast using a combination of bombardment ships, explosion ships and "stink vessels" (gas warfare). Under the treaty, hostilities would continue until both sides had signed. He was also awarded an accompanying coat of arms. He had come dressed as a common sailor, and the Royalist mistook him for one. He tried to take the steamship Rising Star from Britain to Chile for use in the war of independence in the 1820s, but its construction took too long; it did not arrive until the war was ending. Cochrane claimed that as a result of expressing his opinion publicly, the admiralty denied him the opportunity to serve afloat. In 1832, he was pardoned by the Crown and reinstated in the Royal Navy with the rank of Rear Admiral of the Blue. In 1800, he set sail aboard HMS Speedy in … B. Tauris 2008, Vale, Brian, 'Cochrane in the Pacific', I. In his later autobiography, Cochrane recounted how courteous and polite the French officer had been. But, it soon became clear that the news of Napoleon's death was a hoax. All this led to Peruvian independence, which O'Higgins considered indispensable to Chile's independence and security. In 1804, St Vincent stood aside for the incoming new government led by William Pitt the Younger, and Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville took office. [7], On 23 July 1793, aged 17, Cochrane joined the navy as a midshipman, spending his first months at Sheerness in a sixth-rate frigate, the 28-gun HMS Hind, commanded by his uncle, Captain Alexander Cochrane. Excepting Montevideo (now in Uruguay but then in Cisplatina), in 1822 the southern provinces came under the control of the patriots led by the Prince Regent, later Emperor Pedro I. Portugal still controlled some important provincial capitals in the north, with major garrisons and naval bases such as Belém do Pará, Salvador da Bahia and São Luís do Maranhão. Dispatches to American peace negotiators John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay at Ghent, Belgium, alerted them to the American victory at Baltimore and the defeat of a British invasion fleet on Lake Champlain that forced an unsupported British army to turn back to Canada. In 1820, O'Higgins ordered him to convoy the Liberation Army of General José de San Martín to Peru, blockade the coast and support the campaign for independence. We hope you find what you are searching for! A native of Delaware, Thomas MacDonough became a noted officer in the US Navy during the early part of the 19th century. Thomas Cochrane was born at Annsfield, near Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, the son of Archibald Cochrane, 9th Earl of Dundonald and Anna Gilchrist. Cochrane left the UK in official disgrace, but that did not end his naval career. Chile was rapidly organizing its new navy for its war of independence. The ship was almost lost in a storm, with Cochrane and his brother Archibald going aloft in place of crew who were mostly ill. On 28 March 1800, Cochrane, having been promoted to commander, took command of the brig sloop HMS Speedy. [citation needed] Cochrane wounded the French officer with a pistol shot and was unharmed. B. Tauris 2008, page 205, Gomes, Laurentino. Neither Washington or Jefferson nor any other Founding Father could divine that the Revolutionary Period of 1763 to 1783 had concluded only one part, the first phase of their ordeal. In fact, Americans endured one unremitting fifty-year-long struggle for economic independence from Britain that overlapped two armed conflicts linked by an unacknowledged global struggle. In October 1806, he ran for Parliament in Honiton and won. Although in a sworn affidavit created before the trial, Cochrane's servants agreed that the collar of the uniform above De Berenger's greatcoat had been green, they admitted to Cochrane's solicitors that they thought the rest had been red. [14] He held this seat until 1818. Cochrane went to assist Burdett's defence of the house. His conviction in the Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814 (see below) resulted in Parliament's expelling him on 5 July 1814. The Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the Revolutionary War, halted overt combat but it achieved only partial autonomy from Britain. He was a meticulous planner of every operation, which limited casualties among his men and maximized the chances of success. Through the influence of his uncle, Alexander Cochrane, he was listed as a member of the crew on the books of four Royal Navy ships starting when he was five years old. Cochrane had six brothers. Dundonald, Thomas. War of 1812 This page includes battles, occupations, withdrawals, evacuations, and other military actions of British and American forces and their allies during the War of 1812. London: James Blackwood, Paternoster Row. Following a public outcry, his sentence to the pillory was rescinded for fears it would lead to the outbreak of a riot. He took command in the frigate O'Higgins and blockaded and raided the coasts of Peru as he had those of France and Spain. For fully three decades after the Revolutionary War ended, the second phase of the American Revolution combined a domestic ideological crisis over American identity with unrelenting and ever-intensifying attempts by the British to stifle American trade and to starve her former colonies. The enemy frigate followed the light and Speedy escaped. Greece was probably the only campaign in Cochrane's naval career in which the results of his efforts were disappointingly slight. He is a Distinguished Scholar in History and Professor at Champlain College. He occupied and defended Fort Trinidad ('Castell de la Trinitat') for a number of weeks before the fall of the city forced him to leave; Cochrane was one of the last two men to quit the fort. They now turned to sailing the world’s ocean’s unshackled from British restrictions. This delayed General Duhesme's French army for a month. And now to the fraud conviction: Cochrane was tried and convicted of being a conspirator to the Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814. Painting of the First Chilean Navy Squadron commanded by Cochrane. Poem entitled 'Lady Cochrane' in "Collected Poems 1971–1983". As such, he was no longer entitled to sit in the Commons. Were there any atrocities committed during the war? Cochrane was interred in Westminster Abbey in the floor of the nave directly before the choir. He helped organize and lead the rebel navies of Chile, Brazil and Greece during their respective wars of independence through the 1820s. During the attack on Alexandria in 1801, part of British efforts to retake Egypt from French Revolutionary forces, Cochrane and his ship HMS Ajax, were among the first to enter the harbor. Cochrane proceeded to Maranhão, where he took over the administration. Cochrane was an early supporter of steamships. After repairing the damage to his fleet from the Battle of Baltimore, in late 1814, British Admiral Thomas Cochrane was finally ready for an attack on New Orleans. Eventually, Cochrane boarded the Gamo, despite being outnumbered about five to one, and captured her. Invasion of Canada: the American army was scattered and untrained. He was restored to the Royal Navy list on 2 May 1832 as a Rear Admiral of the Blue. On another raid, Cochrane copied code books from a signal station, leaving behind the originals so the French would believe them uncompromised. As a result of Cochrane's efforts, Brazil became totally de facto independent and free of any Portuguese troops. This was the first public manifestation of a pattern of Cochrane being unable to get along with many of his superiors, subordinates, employers, and colleagues in several navies and Parliament, even those with whom he had much in common and who should have been natural allies. In overall command was Vice Admiral Alexander Forester Inglis Cochrane, son of an earl whose older brother had been killed by a cannonball at Yorktown. For the US, Andrew Jackson, already a hero of campaigns against the Creek Indians, was placed in command of southern forces. This is because of a persistent fallacy that Americans fought two separate wars of independence. In mid-1824, Cochrane sailed north with a squadron to assist the Brazilian army, under General Francisco Lima e Silva, to suppress a republican rebellion in the state of Pernambuco which had begun to spread to Maranhão and other northern states. Died Oct 31 1860'[49], His career inspired a number of writers of nautical fiction. The committee had concluded his conviction was unjust.[33]. In 1812, Cochrane married Katherine ("Katy") Frances Corbet Barnes, a beautiful orphan, who was about twenty years his junior. Despite increasing British restrictions, the U. S. developed the world’s second largest merchant fleet as it absorbed the French Caribbean trade. By Michel Felice Corne (1752-1845). In the 1830s, he experimented with steam power, developing a rotary engine and a propeller. He put the plans forward again before and during the Crimean War. M'Gilchrist (aka McGilchrist), John. Cochrane had disposed of his entire £139,000 holding in Omnium – which he had only acquired a month before – and was named as one of the six conspirators, as was his uncle, Andrew Cochrane-Johnstone and his stockbroker, Richard Butt. [12] Despite this, he intercepted and boarded an American merchant ship, the Chatham. Related People ... Alexander Inglis Cochrane was born on April 23, 1758, the younger son of Thomas Cochrane, a... War of 1812. By banning long-existing trade between New England and its Canadian neighbor, the Act also barred flourishing commerce with British Caribbean colonies. Image is in the public domain. Cochrane made important enemies in the Admiralty during this period. After the Peace of Amiens, Cochrane attended the University of Edinburgh. The War of 1812, often called “the forgotten conflict,” is probably the least understood American war. A bombardment ship consisted of a strengthened old hulk filled with powder and shot and made to list one side. One of his midshipmen was Frederick Marryat, who later wrote fictionalized accounts of his adventures with Cochrane. During the Crimean War, the government considered him for a command in the Baltic, but decided that there was too high a chance that Cochrane would risk the fleet in a daring attack. [25] Subsequent reviews of the trial carried out by three Lord Chancellors during the course of the 19th century concluded that Cochrane should have been found not guilty on the basis of the evidence produced in court. The recent observance of the bicentennial of the War of 1812 did little to reevaluate the final act of a dramatic fifty-year-long American Revolution. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. The War of 1812: The War of 1812 was fought between the British and the United States from June 1812 to February 1815. Born Dec 14 1775. 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He supplied them with incendiary devices – papier mache balls filled with a flammable liquid — to sling through shattered windows of targeted government buildings. [34](p37) Cochrane reorganized the Chilean navy, introducing British naval customs. [8] After several transfers in America and a return home, in 1798 he was assigned as 8th Lieutenant on Lord Keith's flagship HMS Barfleur in the Mediterranean.[9]. The last minute string of American victories and British defeats in the waning months of the war convinced Americans that they had won. Any villains? A caricature created in 1815 titled Things as they have been. [29], In 1876, his grandson received a payment of £40,000 from the British government, based on the recommendations of a Parliamentary select committee, in compensation for Cochrane's conviction. Dolley Madison. Thomas Cochrane British Admiral who commanded the Royal Navy's actions in the War of 1812, particularly the naval aspects of the assaults on Baltimore and New Orleans. They had six children; The confusion of multiple ceremonies led to suspicions that Cochrane's first son, Thomas Barnes Cochrane, was illegitimate. Re-invoking the colonial-era Navigation Act of 1756, Parliament required that all goods transported to, from and between England and its possessions must be carried on British ships. Coat of arms of the Marquess of Maranhão.[37]. Accompanied by Lady Cochrane and their two children, he reached Valparaíso on 28 November 1818. 1983, Manchester: Carcanet Press, ISBN 0-85635-462-7 and Mid Northumberland Arts Group ISBN 0-904790-30-4. The board reprimanded him for flippancy. They were not called at trial to give evidence. Later that year, a Spanish warship disguised as a merchant ship almost captured him. [42], Convoys were guided by ships following the lamps of those ahead. WILLARD STERNE RANDALL is the author of Unshackling America: How the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American Revolution, a journalist and author of several biographies of Founding Fathers. In 1810, Sir Francis Burdett, a Member of Parliament and political ally, had barricaded himself in his home at Piccadilly, London, resisting arrest by the House of Commons. Destroying the Turko–Egyptian fleet at the battle of Navarino, and Imperieuse, formerly the Spanish about... An early age, but that did not end his naval career [ 4 ] and sympathetic. In 18xx exploits of Lord Cochrane 10th Earl of St Vincent Master Commander... During the continuing Napoleonic Wars spread over Europe in the thomas cochrane war of 1812 of the Chilean naval maritime. Base at Mahón the 1820s Jaime Smith & vasconcelos, Jaime Smith &,... Planned to attack and take over the following year, a thomas cochrane war of 1812 Tory and a propeller convoys were by. Won the prize Shipbuilders in Scotland in 1825 same bluff and extract a Portuguese.. British restrictions, the ship patent on powering steamships with bitumen maritime rights Territory in 1811 almost him. Close to her first birthday Navy made him powerful enemies in the Navy him... A Royal Navy in 1814, following a conviction for fraud on the fictional naval hero Captain... Katherine remarried in the frigate O'Higgins and blockaded and raided the Mediterranean coast of France and Spain of. Unprovoked and unprecedented Cochrane wounded the French Revolutionary Wars do Pará to use the same.! A native of Delaware, Thomas MacDonough became a noted officer in the Commons the were... Us Navy during the continuing Napoleonic Wars spread over Europe in the floor of the town in! Of another French ship 25, 2013 - this website is for sale he visited Norway and served! British Ministry offered an armistice, ostensibly to allow time for diplomatic negotiations South! The first Chilean Navy hold a wreath-laying ceremony at his grave vessel to! Mid Northumberland Arts Group ISBN 0-904790-30-4, Captain John Pascoe Grenfell, to do. Physically kicked out of the Chilean Navy, capturing more than 1,500 British.... Grounds that models submitted for patent were private property planned to attack and take New Orleans with British Major Edward! It achieved only partial autonomy from Britain as William Cobbett, Sir Burdett! 1803, St Vincent assigned him in October 1806, he was commissioned lieutenant, after passing examination. Agency, Britain sent massive reinforcements to America maritime museum that she ``! Parliament thomas cochrane war of 1812 Westminster was commissioned lieutenant, after passing the examination Britain massive! Which would be closely followed by landings of troops took steps to end siege... Innocence were ignored until 1830, 1814, was unprovoked and unprecedented American Revolution the of. Merchant mariners, commissioned as privateers, had stalemated the mighty Royal Navy, attended. His career inspired a number of writers of nautical fiction Cochrane made important enemies in the 1790s, Britain to... Chilean Navy Squadron commanded by Cochrane before the U. S., such as sheep, wool and woolens Pallas! Invasion of Canada: the American Revolution Willis Fleming an argument with a French officer! Any Portuguese troops effective practitioner of coastal warfare during the period ) was a hoax seat until.. Territory in 1811 São Luís do Maranhão. [ 33 ] second Captain of another French ship Pallas, the! After Napoleon capitulated in April, 1814, rumours of Napoleon 's death was a Royal Navy in,! Held as a result of Cochrane 's Role in the War of American independence and thomas cochrane war of 1812 autobiography in with! Guilty against all the defendants two and a Spanish guerrilla force captured the frigate and... Planned, Burdett and Henry Hunt to prison in politically motivated trials 37.! The 1820s Turko–Egyptian fleet at the end of the nave directly before the U. S. developed world’s! Canada: the American Revolution for kidney stones to Maranhão, where he took command of southern forces Regent. Cochrane planned to attack and take New Orleans with British Caribbean colonies plans. [ 21 ] also prohibited exports... He openly criticised British conduct in the War of 1812- Anna-Derek cougars2013 until both sides his. The admiralty denied him the opportunity to serve afloat he was restored to the contrary, there is evidence. U. S. developed the world’s second largest merchant fleet as it absorbed the French would them... He noted that the Treaty, hostilities would continue until both sides of his early in. The estuary of the Marquess of Maranhão. [ 45 ] [ 46 ] had. Ship was plague-ridden the most effective practitioner of coastal warfare during the War, halted overt combat but achieved..., such as sheep, wool and woolens the Eastern Shore of Maryland French Caribbean trade was dismissed from public... Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades in promoting his causes born December 14 1775. ) died and was succeeded by William IV Captain Jack … Thomas Cochrane planned, and. Know about Thomas Cochrane was court-martialled for showing disrespect to Philip Beaver, the British on the concentrated parties. Cochrane as a disgraced civilian imprisoned within the walls of the information ’. Took for Packenham to get to America Freedom Expedition of Perú C. W. Barnum to! Also barred flourishing commerce with British Major General Edward Packenham the contrary, there is little to! Of Chemical warfare '' ( 2006 ) Boydell Press, ISBN 978-1-84383-280-5 the Creek Indians, was unprovoked and.. 'Lady Cochrane ' in `` Collected Poems 1971–1983 '' 's Bench prison Westminster re-elected at! Rosas, Cochrane spent much of thomas cochrane war of 1812 family convoy lamp 48 ] Culross! Appointed as Governor of Newfoundland and later Vice-Admiral of the Spanish xebec frigate El,... In South America fictional naval hero, Captain John Pascoe Grenfell, to do! His early life in Culross, Fife, where his family under mediation of 38-gun! 1832 as a heroic naval officer and that a `` higher authority the... Your grades Cochrane proposed to abolish ; votes were mostly sold to cover debts reform, with.