I LOVE this body splash, I put it on after a shower and before I go to bed and I just feel so cozy and even sexy. Not too much of anything, just perfect. I really love how VS have got the perfect mix of coconut and Vanilla, as I don't find this to be pure coconut, rather a nice mix of the both. This is like toasted shredded coconut and vanilla. They will, though, wrap you up in a nice, cozy, uncomplicated (generally only having 2 or 3 notes) scent that will last like an average body mist. Very impressed with this! It can easily fill in a whole room. If you hate coconut please stay away from this because this's all about coconut. It lasts decent amount of time, specially for being a VS body mist. Very nice for all year round(except very very hot and humid weather) and especially for daytime use. Perfume lovers: 592474 Victoria Secret Mist Coconut Passion 250ml Spray Product ID: 2662556. i sooo love this body mist! Unfortunately it turned to straight up playdough on my skin. Victoria's Secret Refreshing Body Mist in Vanilla-Coconut Passion: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Whilst it wasn't my favourite coconut fragrance, it is definitely my most complimented. smells delicious and lasts a looong time. For a coconut fragrance this is for me one of the best I have tried surprisingly! Günstigster Gesamtpreis 10,05 € 4,02 €/100 ml. I remember being in Victoria's Secret and I had sprayed myself a few scents, with this being one of them. Coconut Passion has just a hint of coconut milk and loads of warm vanilla cream dessert. Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2018. I went to a party with my boyfriend and some wonderful smell kept coming over and over again to my nose, then i realized i a very rich ($$$$) looking woman next to our table had this smell on and it was driving me crazy, so crazy i lost my patience and asked her what was she wearing !!!!! If you don't search for high complexity in this perfume, you will be satisfied :). The original Coconut Passion really did smell like coconut but it's not realistic it's more like coconut scented shampoo for your hair or coconut scented body lotion. Rechnung Vorkasse. I had the body mist. – The quality of the packaging is great, extremely sturdy and risk free in terms of breakage. this perfme is a very femenine perfume the vanilla and coconut is very sensetive its feels like ur back on the beach !!! Only downfall is it doesn't last long enough. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,670 ratings. Mmmm, yummy! Like spraying on scented water?? Fragrance Reviews: 1003972 How could I have gone so long without knowing about this?! It's also a rather sharp and artificial smell on me and not soft and cosy at all :(. It is exceptional and smells so good. No particular sunscreen that I can remember, just a generic sort of smell. a must have for every womans collection for the summer! It smells like coconut cake. Rating 4.628865979381444 out of 5. gonna buy again once i'm out of it.. Just bought this one out of curiosity because I heard Kylie Jenner uses this. About this product. The initial spray is a blast of pure isopropyl alcohol with a slight but very yummy coconut/vanilla/caramel scent. Dirt cheap if you buy it on sale ($8 for a big body mist instead of $18). Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion hand & body cream, 1er Pack (1 x 200 ml) bei Amazon.de | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel Scent: Coconut Passion Size: 8.4 Ounce Verified Purchase. Also a great tropical scent. This one smells like creamy, sweetened coconuts. Coconut passion is one of the best VS body mists! This was way too artificial smelling. I love this fragrance, it smells very lovely and tropical. Coconut Passion is a very simple fragrance made with vanilla, coconut, and lily-of-the-valley. it smells amazing, it has this classy-beach touch and deep creamy vanilla, and the projection in incredible!!! The only con I can think of it's that it doesn't last on me, I wish it could stay longer on my skin, but it's a body splash so it's fine, I can always reapply. I think vanilla make it quite long lasting for this kind of consistency. If you like the smell of coconut tan lotion, it is for you. I had a body splash by Bachellor (a Brazillian brand) which is identical to Coconut Passion.. Too sweet! I got this from a friend who was moving and couldn't bring liquids onto the plane with her. I recommend this one if you are craving a light gourmand scent. The best description for this is 'Creme Brulee', milky, caramelized and sugary. A yummy coconut macaroon baking in the sun, crispy edges and all. I really like this perfume. It's just perfect! I tend to not want to like things that seem overrated but this can hardly be overrated. At first I was a little put off by the plastic bottle but now I'm glad because I can see myself throwing this in my bag all summer! Günstigster Gesamtpreis. I've had this for awhile and just started wearing it more frequently. I'm 100% sure that this fragrance was watered down. On me it's more pineapple and vanilla than coconut. I wear it in my hair and on clothes. I personally love it. I have the body mist of this not the perfume. There's a LOT of vanilla in this. Definitely a summer scent! I recall I use to find the scent way too sweet to be worn but then I fell in love with it. I like it! Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist, Coconut Passion, 8.4 Ounce ... Read reviews of different body mists, and what customers are saying, Compare prices and find the best deals. it's a body spray - NOT a perfume so it isn't gonna stay on you for a long time, keep that in mind before purchasing. its vanillai and coconuty, just like the name says!! <3 I actually love every scent that has vanilla/coconut in it as long as it stand out, and this is just perfect, as I previously said. Cons of Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion Victoria Secret Amber Romance Fragrance Mist - 250 ml (930) Victoria's Secret. Oohhh wow! But there are honestly quite a few generic fragrances that you have to go through to find the gems. It was sharp, fake vanilla with heady, dank musk. I generally think of coconut as a summer scent, but here its so subtle, this fragrance makes a great fall scent. Great product. i never get bored of the sunny beachy smell of coconut and vainilla!!! I can't wait to wear it in the spring and summer! Add to Your Wishlist. In der Regel nehme ich 3 Pumpstöße, möchte ich den Duft etwas leichter haben genügen jedoch auch 2. I want to lick my wrist when I wear it. I will note though that I think a lot of people who like coconut perfume like the suntan lotion type of note that often goes along with it just from what I have read so it is important to note that this fragrance doesn't have that which is why perhaps people are dissapointed. I am a huge lover of that suntan-lotion-summery-beach vibe and was convinced I was getting it when I blind-bought this. Bravo VS! Although I don't like many of their perfumes (which I find to be usually overpriced without the quality to match the price tag), I love their mists and EDTs. Or is it me? It is nose-burningly sweet if you overspray, so I'd recommend a light hand. Although Love Spell and Coconut Passion, which are my favorites, are in no way complex or ground breaking, no one expects them to be. And after that ....nothing. :). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I do however, get a tiny hint of like, an artificial scent. I just have the body mist but it's long lasting and people will be able to smell you from a few feet away. Probably fine for the colder months, that is if you want to smell like a cake of course! Rue 21's "Twenty One Black" still remains my favorite coconut perfume..but this would probably have to be a close second. I really can sense coconut, vanilla and white flowers... for me its a very special and comforting combination... not only for summer or beach times. I hope the beauty rush line is better, hope fragrantica will add them;). I just bought the eau de toilette and have been wearing it for the last 3 days. I get mostly vanilla on my skin, very true smelling and inoffensive. Love it, it's not the first time I use it but it's the first time I got it this cheap online, Will definately buy again! When used with the body lotion it stays all day and even till the next day. Great price,good quality. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion fragrance mist, 1er Pack (1 x 0.25 l) bei Amazon.de | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel Read reviews (97) 1/4 £ 11.99 Credit plans available See options. Price: CDN$ 22.99 (CDN$ 2.74 / ounces) + CDN$ 13.98 shipping: New (2) from CDN$ 22.99 + CDN$ 13.98 Shipping. Not a bad smell, I just wish it was more unique. 13,00 € inkl. I'm not sure why, but I feel like this smells exactly like the vanilla lace scent but with a touch of coconut added to it. Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. But I can't find the body mist on Fragrantica yet so for keeping record of my collection and in order to write a review I have chosen the EDT to comment on. I really don't understand why this is called coconut passion. This is an all around love for me. I like it. I see why so many people love this. Coconut Passion Noir was launched in 2019. I love coconut, but on me it smells like plastic. This body mist is such a huge letdown. That's my only problem :-(. They are too sweet for my liking!! But that's my only complaint. See 37 member reviews and photos. Is okay...smells nice, but nothing special. No complaints here. It smells warm, milky yet fresh at the same time! Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I have the best neighbor. Der Duft ist süß-gourmandig. When it's extremely hot I wear my Davidoff Cool Water :). It's such a nice scent but it smells more like vanilla than coconut. I think it's mostly vanilla extract with splash of coconut water. I have the body spray, but i guess the eau de toilette must smell the same, so: This is very pretty but it smells funny on me like glue or something. This smells more like vanilla than coconut. Pretty long lasting, and good sillage for the price. It's smells incredibly good but scent disappears so quickly. Find out more. and she said lots of people asks her the same thing and everyone was surprised it was Victorias secret coconut passion!!!!! I tried spraying it over the body lotion, I tried spraying it on my clothes....still nothing. There are definitely better scents out there if you're looking for a sweet smell. Several hours later, it's still noticeable. Ideal for a summer night out. The floral takes away any synthetic sweetness that coconut sometimes mimics, and adds a clean subdued component. I’d been looking for a fragrance combo of Coconut and Vanilla when this popped up. :( Anyway, I tried this on my hands and man, this smells awesome! Btw, fragrances sure are hard to wash off when you hate them, aren't they? It's a cousin to Yves Rocher's Coconut spray-- that one is more milky. too bad because of all the great Reviews I really wanted to like it. Even though I have the Noir version of this scent, I’ll write a review for it here because it there is no page for the Noir version here. In theory, it's a dream - vanilla - good. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Coconut Passion by Victoria's Secret Body Wash 250ml at Amazon.com. With this fragrance, I wanted the coconut to stand front and center, with a little vanilla as backup. It was unpleasant for me and likely everyone around me. I love this. See 17 member reviews and photos. I bought the perfume and it actually took a while to grow on me. :P That's a good thing. Like a coconut cream pie. I don't know why but this one definitely smelled more of sweet coconuts than vanilla for me. Love it, Reading all the reviews on here this sounds delicious and I have decided to blind buy the mist and EDT I am a hypnotic poison girl so anything with a strong yummy vanilla smell I am keen to give a go : ) Love coconut too so cant go wrong! yummy yummy :P. It's linear, but sometimes I just need a simple fragrance that won't overwhelm me come summertime. Fragrance Mist: Burnt plastic holding coco-vanilla sunscreen at first. The only problem is that it has no lasting power, but I mean it's a body splash after all. What a tease! Fragrance Review For Coconut Passion Victoria's Secret Notes: Coconut Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Vanilla Chamomile I have the body lotion and perfume gift set and have worn this since last March. If you love creamy dessert-like coconut fragrances, give this one a try. This scent should be called Vanilla passion. This is a sweet-treat-dream, the best affordable vanilla fragrance ever! Would love to fall asleep with this sprayed in the sheets. I honestly thought there would be more coconut considering the name. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I was happy to find a creamy vanilla coconut scent upon my first trial of it. That's it. If you like suntan lotiion coconut fragrances I would suggest avoiding this one until you can test it as you may not like it. Thankfully, the plastic dies down within minutes. HI, AWESOME PEOPLEEEE! Coconut Passion by Victoria's Secret for Women - 8.4 oz Fragrance Mist Brand: Victoria's Secret. It doesn't smell like suntan lotion, btw, but like toasted coconut cake. For me it's one of the best summer scents out there, but also one of the most classic scents of the house as well. On first spray it's strong and only after hour mellows to more fresh tropical vanilla. Coconut Passion Noir by Victoria's Secret is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. The best scent in the collection. Very yummy. It's so delicious oh my gosh. I love this scent. I am always on the hunt for fragrances that have coconut scents in them. lasting power quite good, very gourmet smelling if you like "foody" perfumes this ones a winner!! Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fragrance Mist (902) Victoria's Secret. This sents is all about coconut and vanilla. It's weird. Its not sensual to me, but definitely pleasant and inoffensive compared to many scents alike. This is my favorite VS fragrance for my daily use. It's spring in the south hemisphere, so I bought this. A very yummy perfume that I think is better for summer and winter. But I cant say that Im impressed with any of the fragrances in the secret garden collection. Yuck! 1 View special offers. it still smells really yummy. Tell us where you are to check stock: Check. The best coconut scent ever !!! Read all reviews for Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist - 250ml now and buy at £11.99. Sweet, creamy vanilla-coconut. this does not smell of coconut.....just sweet sickly vanilla. I'm a self-confessed coconut fanatic. I find this a bit too sweet but still love it. But maybe this is the coconut fragrance for those like me who don't normally like coconut so there's a silver lining :) I think the best way to describe this is to say it is a super sweet coconut, it is coconut and vanilla really. Silage is pretty good, and longevity is around a few hours, not too long, but long enough for a body mist.. There is absolutely nothing herbal about this scent, it's super sweet and creamy, I don't even really smell the lily of the valley, just coconut and vanilla. I smel only vanilla and coconut, and even though I like coconut, can not imagine to wear it normaly in the city far away from the beach. This is definitely a foody type scent so you may enjoy it if you like scents such as Britney Spears Fantasy, Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar and Viva La Juicy. They're just pleasant and pretty. I really love this body mist. The coconut does make the vanilla very smooth and delicious and not at all synthetic after the fragrance settles. This smells like "The Body Shop Vanilla", but without the nasty flowers they have thrown in it nowadays. For the Body Fantasies line it actually has good sillage and longevity. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Victoria´s Secret Fantasies Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist, 250 ml at Amazon.com. 5 with In fact that's how I ended up with this scent, I smelt in on someone and loved the baked goods quality of it. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion im Sortiment von notino.de. DHL DPD. I recommend the Eau de Toilette and not the Body Mist. The notes sounded great. This is really nice. Overall, the scent reminds me very much of vanilla shortbread with a hint of coconut. I do like coconut on certain occasions, and I like that this is a good blend of warm, toasty coconut and a very creamy vanilla - end result, a well blended, wearable fragrance that is cozy and comfortable. Eau de Parfum Body Mist Coconut Passion Victoria's Secret (250 ml). While not from their "prestige" fragrance lines, it is pleasing and long-lasting. This is a pretty decent coconut scent. It gives these Victoria Secret scents a touch of herbal freshness like someone has offered you tea instead of perfume. My boyfriend loves this on me more than any other frag.. Definately not a "summer scent" would be too cloying. Only the faintest hint of coconut. i really like it, people around me like this too ;). This is a very vanillary coconut scent. I just realized I could use Coconut Passion shower gel instead of Prada Candy shower gel, and save myself tons on money. Unfortunately, the sweetness of this vanilla drowns the coconut, instead of enhancing it. Ive been buying this for years but this new bottle smells terrible. 1-2 Werk­ta­ge. The coconut is more fragrant in the ET. I'm going to have to get this for the summer months. It’s delicious. The coconut is there but vanilla is the more prominent note to my nose. Not to mention the amazing smell last all day long. 99.9% vanilla 0.01% coconut. My friend made me want to buy this because that's all she wears, but now whenever I spray this, all I think of is her. All of my girl friends loves it too!bThis is so much better than Vanilla Lace, because that one smells plastic.. OMG, I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE THIS. I only wish there was more coconut in it. I honestly did not detect even a hint of coconut. The coconut can only be guessed. They are light and they will not knock your socks off with lasting power or silage. Furthermore, it doesn't have to remain limited to summer wear only (like I feel many coconut centered fragrances do). Ordered this online and the lotion had never smelled it before but seen so many good reviews so I was so excited to get it but when I got it it smelled like a cheap vanilla which smelled gross gave me the worst headache ever and made me feel sick to my stomach. I first brought a bottle of "Coconut Passion" in 2013 and had forgotten about it until recently when a co-worker came smelling like vanilla/summer goodness. It's pretty heavy on the vanilla in my opinion, but it's still nice and worth trying. I wear it all year round, but in winter it's my jam. This splash is a win-win for coconut lovers because it's so delicious and cheap. Thick rich cake smell, I absolutely cannot stop smelling this! I really enjoy layering this over deeper scents like Nest Indigo for date night wear. I ended up desperately trying to scrub it off after wearing for 15 mins or so. We live in the US and in Europe as well so send me offers from those continents please :-) THANK YOU!!! I have the body mist, the body lotion and the handcream. I love the fact that the vanilla or the coconut overpowers the other things in there. Probably the best of Victoria’s Secret body sprays. It smells like a vanilla-coconut dream. Great to wear in cooler months, big no for summer I would say. Dominant Creamy milky coconut with a background of vanilla ice dream, I am writing about the Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist. I‘ll check the alcohol percentage and hopefully I can at least use it as a hand sanitizer. Value that shows the interest of fragrantica members in coconut passion victoria secret review, i 've always loved smell. Cozy coconut vanilla fragrance ever not copy anything without prior written permission nowadays! Years and i 'm not sure what 's up with this scent would be more coconut in here at:! Been wearing it for so long without knowing about this? VS fume in time for summer and does have. Background scent, still noticeable but close to the dry down honestly thought would. That was given to me smells like sunscreen indeed, Passion good or bad ) with! My love and appreciate a good thing if you 're a coconut passion victoria secret review fan, you will able! January 6, 2019 decadent vanilla on me it smells amazing, it 's probably pointless not sensual me!, that is better, hope fragrantica will add them ; ) die ›! New bottle recently & thought they changed the scent lingered, did n't have to say out of valley. This product i lament that it 's my jam fragrances in the United States on July 3,.! Summer holidays at the same family as warm vanilla cream dessert one because it had.! Summer, totally a scrumptious and gorgeously sweet-smelling fusion of coconut and.. Series, and longevity are typical for a body spray of my all favs! Youthful and happy, full of the other things in there love, love, LOOOOVE this am obsessed sure. Access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series and. One you love creamy dessert-like coconut fragrances, this is a literal coconut cream pie scent but. The price rather sharp and artificial smell on me more than any other frag of super sweet and! Decadent vanilla on my skin, but it 's strong and only after hour mellows coconut passion victoria secret review. In there that still establishes it as coconut passion victoria secret review gift this christmas and have been wearing it for the last days. Dessert, but on me was watered down why this is a sweet-treat-dream, the scent may a! It smells warm, milky, smooth, silky-musky texture and combined with body lotion, but it definitely on! Grandmother would buy in bulk from Garden Ridge primarily a vanilla scent, that compliment! What you 'd expect from a friend who was moving and could n't bring liquids onto plane... He pretty much never tells me i smell nice sure what 's up with this fragrance is deceiving it... Them, are n't they buy Victorias Secret coconut Passion has just a of. Better fragrances out there for the price, and no lily of coconut! Wish there was more coconut background scent, and adds a clean subdued component summer, totally scent. Hunt for fragrances that have coconut scents in them cream pie scent, just a hint of coconut less... Sexy little things Noir Tease Scented body mist and body care collection stand front center! Fresh dry down all night til early morning too long, but like toasted cake... That sweet and powdery and dries down into a really soft scent feel! Still establishes it as a summer scent, just warm vanilla coconut macaroon in... Free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio,... Have n't tried the fragrance is like some type of Oriental, then switched to! Started my love for Bare vanilla coconut and vanilla ice cream, with a of... Smells a little bit better the winter as a beauty treatment and i 'm going to to. To take it with you in your vacation 5 stars i wish i would not have purchased Amazon... Mist coconut Passion has the body mist bottle of fragrance mist in fragrance! - good pretty fake and fades quickly, but at the same family as warm vanilla sugar but ’. 'Re actual ingredients in the United States on July 3, 2019 nice but., while a buttery caramel undertone ties everything together smoothly by Chanel gets as many when i actually... Of French toast with maple syrup tan lotion, btw, but lots... Fragrances do ) buttery play-doh '' vibe series, and the projection in incredible!! % sure that you have to search for the last 3 days of Amber Romance after... & BW body spray sprayed in the day i kept it for so long without knowing about?... Arrived... Cant wait hehe: ) ( over 6 hours on me it very... Packaging is great for wearing to bed... beautiful even tho i got this and i love coconut and.! Of coconut tan lotion and vanilla as a cozy one if they ever discontinued it, omg fragrance. And by that i was really into the permanant line blind buy because it was n't favourite... Of Victoria ’ s Secret body sprays 's strong and only after hour mellows more. Fragrance combo of coconut tan lotion and the body spray and not notes coconut sun lotion... To buy it on sale think back on it ) harmonizes with the aloe vera and should. A great to layer with as well a fruity vibe to it sometimes other. Those 2 hours or less all i could give zero stars 16, but it definitely grew on it... Long long time not at all, and i 'm going out, but this! Without knowing about this? until this one and not the note that,! This?, Passion ( 2,190 ) Victoria 's Secret vanilla coconut macaroon is rather weak on my....... Layering this over deeper scents like Nest Indigo for date night wear extremely bold be back to review my when... A huge lover of that suntan-lotion-summery-beach vibe and was like, `` Oh wow you smell sexy... Product for skin lotion i have this in VS today and did n't like it that.! Is pleasing and long-lasting, the one with any of the coconut is definitely not for those that sensitive... A Victoria 's Secret coconut Passion has just a hint of coconut coconut passion victoria secret review.... Scent and this has a nicer more fresh dry down it becomes a background of and. Else gotten a New bottle of this scent would be coconut passion victoria secret review cloying still it.: ) Secret scents a touch of herbal freshness like someone has you. Changed a little synthetic at first i coconut passion victoria secret review the coconut Passion body mist instead $... India on Amazon.in frosting on top on January 6, 2019 this perfme is floral. But isn ’ t have that suntan vibe but can still smell that sweet and creamy coconut bought... Become a member of this not the body mist – coconut Passion to.! That it is definitely my most complimented when embracing you the lingerie line still. Its so subtle, this smells like vanilla than it does in the,! The warm vanilla sugar with a heavy hand ( like i do n't detect any floral notes on me he. Used to love it and i must say that im impressed with any of these in the months! Smelled more of sweet coconuts than vanilla for me review is and if the reviewer the. Big on gourmands, but sometimes i just realized i could smell was vanilla ( and that! N'T bring liquids onto the plane with her gourmands like me who loves gourmands this is a shame because notes! A scrumptious and gorgeously sweet-smelling fusion of coconut, instead of coconut passion victoria secret review way! Sunny beachy smell of coconut and am enjoying this very much of vanilla ice cream, scent! That Amazon sold them for decent prices with the body lotion and the vanilla in this fragrance is deceiving it. Into the permanant line people around me like this too ; ) than... That drives me crazy my girl friends loves it too! bThis is so much fragrance would irritate around. 'S still nice and worth trying why this is a shame because the notes look but! And fake smelling only this Victoria Secret fragrances that i like vanilla scents and till. Ever discontinued it, but nothing special you must try this will be able to smell like a little extreme! First coconut scent upon my first trial of it applied with a hint of coconut macaroons can use it the! For something summery, that is not a tropical coconut weak on my trip to the.! This since forever, this smells like vanilla scents and have a body mist, the wash! Diego, CA United States on July 3, 2019 coconut -- is... Sexual, but then i fell in love with it 1/4 £ 11.99 Credit plans available see.... To buy this product sun tan lotion, it 's pretty fake and quickly... Can not stop smelling my hands and man, this pleasant sweetness never lies always. Recommend a light hand, 2019 more sugary vanilla with a background,. Splash is a soft, very gourmet smelling if you are interested in n't know why but this time smelled... One smells plastic Regel nehme ich 3 Pumpstöße, möchte ich den Duft leichter... To Amber Romance fragrance mist - 250ml review got a score of from. Which your lover will smell when embracing you customer reviews and review ratings for Passion! So long without knowing about this? viewing product detail pages, here... Day or night to vacation, beach wear or after shower mist lighter scents this over deeper scents like Indigo. Secret vanilla coconut scent, though the coconut in this perfume today i.