The Elephant’s Ears is a rare large sweet Paprika type from Croatia. The peppers have actually been listed in the Guinness Book of ... Another of the many New Mexico varieties, the New Mex XX Hot is just that- very hot. SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS: 0-500 SHU Capsicum Annuum. Wow did not know there were so many peppers, thanks! The Komodo Dragon Chili Pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world, measuring in at 1,400,000 – 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). A great candidate when stuffing peppers, as they not spicy and fall in second to the lowest tier of the Scoville scale. Pepperoncinis just bring a little more tang. The Anaheim pepper is a versatile chili pepper named for the city that made it popular, Anaheim, California. The peppers are horn shaped and typically picked when red. Fish peppers are somewhat rare chili peppers of medium heat with fruity, tangy flavor once popular in the American Atlantic region, though they are making a comeback. In addition to red cayenne peppers you’re likely used to seeing, you can also find cayenne gold peppers, which are yellow. Most commercially available peppers don’t crack the 300,000 to 500,000 range, but a few of them are in the millions. These are popular peppers to fry, but you can also use them instead of bell peppers in various dishes to add a different flavor. They may be harvested while green or red. Capsicum annuum. It is grown as a short-lived perennial, meaning it comes back each year, but only for 2-3 years. MexGrocer offers a wide selection of whole dried chile peppers for you to choose from. Learn more about them below. Scoville Rating: 500 – 1,000 Capsicum Chinense. The narrow chilaca can measure up to 8 – 10 inches in length and often has a twisted or curvy shape. The word “Jwala” means “Volcano” in Hindi, and they are commonly found in the Gujarat region of India. It was developed by Petoseed, a Southern California company specializing in hybridizing peppers and tomatoes. The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is one of the hottest peppers in the world measuring over 1.4 Million Scoville Heat Units with bumpy skin and a scorpion-like tail. SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS: 1,000 – 2,000 SHU. They have thick flesh, bright yellow in color, smooth texture, and shiny surface. But there is a hotter strain of the Anaheim pepper that originates in New Mexico: hatch chiles. It is named for the village of Moshi, located at the base of Mount Kiliminjaro. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It once held the Guinness Record for the hottest chili pepper, but was beaten by the Bhut Jolokia, which was also later trounced in heat. The name is derived from the shape, as the pepper flattens when fully grown and resembles the shape of an elephant’s ear. Capsicum Annuum. The peppers resemble long cayenne chili peppers that grow from 5-10 inches long and somewhat slender. Scovilles: 2500; Origin: Mexico Scoville Heat Units: 50,000 – 100,000 SHU The Liebesapfel chili pepper is a sweet, thick fleshed chili pepper that typically grows very early and is a very productive pepper. Common varieties include chipotle peppers, which are dried jalapenos, and anchos, or dried poblanos. Scoville Heat Units: 500-2,500 SHU The peppers are highly flavorful and ideal for many dishes. 30. Scoville Heat Units: 1177 SHU They look a lot like bell peppers on the outside, but underneath the sweet skin is serious spice. As they turn red on the vine, they are plucked and smoked until dried, turning them into chipotle peppers. These small peppers grow upright in clusters and mature from light green to red, often with shades of orange in between. There isn’t much information on this wonderful little pepper. Roquito peppers are sweet and mildly spicy peppers from Peru with bright, vibrant color and the shape of a pearl or tear drop. Capsicum Annuum. text in callout. The Paprika Kalocsa is very close in appearance to the Szegedi 179 Paprika variety, but it is thicker, nearly 3/4 of an inch and can grow to over 6 inches in length. The Tangerine Dream chili pepper is a gorgeous rocket-shaped sweet pepper that matures to a vibrant orange when ripe and ready to pick. Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 – 5,000 SHU Before drying your peppers, always wash them with warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel. The Trinidad Scorpion Pepper is among the hottest peppers in the world with a big range of heat. It is an Italian sweet pepper and ideal for frying, though it is also excellent roasted or raw. It is typically dried and ground to make the more familiar powdered spice. They aren’t generally considered too spicy, comparable to an Anaheim or poblano pepper. The poblano pepper is a popular Mexican chili pepper, very dark green in color, ripening to dark red or brown. They are glossy, firm, and medium thickness in flesh. In 2016, 34.5 million tonnes of green chili peppers and 3.9 million tonnes of dried chili peppers were produced worldwide. But the S... A very sweet chili pepper ideal for all types of cooking. Although not necessarily bred for its heat, it does pack quite a punch compared to a regular habanero. I'm Mike, your chilihead friend who LOVES good food. From mild to flaming hot, our selection of wholesale dried chili peppers are perfect for just about every application. The red savina is a bright red and robust fruit, with up to 50 fruits appearing per pepper plant. Capsicum Annuum. Please use the RocketLauncher to install an equivalent of the demo, all images will be replaced with sample images. It grows to about 10” in length and up to 1 ½” wide, and although it matures to red, it is commonly used in its less mature, green form. They mature to red or purple, and have a tapered shape, with a blunt point. 334 comments. Many different types of dried chili peppers exist, and essentially any type of fresh chili can be dried to make one. Capsicum Annuum. Like jalapenos, they’re sometimes minced and used in salsa and guacamole. The Shepherds Ramshorn is a large sweet variety that originated in Spain but now is mainly cultivated in Italy. The Jaloro Pepper is basically a yellow jalapeno, but turns red if left un-harvested for long enough. To tone down the heat of a pepper, cut it open and remove the seeds and the white ribs. This Italian sweet pepper is a corno di toro type (bull’s horn), because of its shape. These are often roasted and blistered. They are very popular in Pakistani and Indian cooking, with a flavor similar to Scotch Bonnet Chili Peppers, but with less heat. The name literally translates from German to “Love Apple”, apparent by the shape of the pepper. Scoville Heat Units: 855,000 – 1,041,427 SHU The Scotch Bonnet pepper is a cultivar of the habanero and is among the hottest peppers anywhere. They grow to 1 ½”-2” in length and ½”- 1” in width and have a cone shape. The 7 Pot Brain Strain is a variety of the 7 Pot chili created by a chili grower named David Capiello in North Carolina in 2010. Capsicum Annuum. I grew Aji Amarillo peppers this year in my garden again and DANG were they productive. Dark chile peppers are nearly black when dried, with a wrinkly appearance. Piquillo peppers are sweet chili peppers with no heat traditionally grown in Navarre, Spain, specifically from Lodosa. The habanero pepper is named after the Cuban city of La Habana and measures between 100,000 – 350,000 Scoville Heat Units. Scoville Heat Units: 10,000 – 23,000 SHU They are very popular... Pequin peppers are very small chili peppers that pack a punch of heat. However, peppers are also part of the nightshade family which is associated with inflammation. It is not commercially mass produced, but is more commonly grown in individual homes and gardens, making them unpredictable and un-conforming, in a good way. The poblano is an extremely popular Mexican chili pepper. Dried peppers are ground up into powder form and turned into spices. The Barker’s Hot chili pepper is an extra-hot chile, the hottest of the Anaheim/ New Mexico variety, and it has great flavor. Capsicum Annuum. It is becoming more popular and well-known among chile-heads, but the seeds are very rare and hard to find. The ancho is a poblano that ripens to a deep red, while the mulato is a poblano that ripens to brown, then is dried. I enjoy making family friendly recipes while sharing cooking tips and knowledge of food science. They don’t seem too hot. The Ancho Pepper is the dried version of the poblano pepper, and one of the mos... Aji Amarillo Paste is widely used in Peruvian cooking. The Dolmalik, or Dolmalik Biber, is an heirloom Ancho type pepper from Turkey. The Jwala is the most popular chile in India, adding great flavor and spice to many Indian dishes. Capsicum Annuum. It’s also one of the most common peppers to dry, and it’s famously used in mole sauce. Learn more about them. The fruit can grow up to six inches long and a half inch in diameter. Chilpotle (sometimes written chilpocle or chipotle) is the jalapeño ripened and smoke-dried. Scoville Heat Units: 30,000 – 50,000 SHU Alternate names: Bhut naga jolokia, bhut jolokia, naga jolokia, ghost chili, U-morok, ghost jolokia and red naga When working with peppers, wear rubber gloves or, in a pinch, coat your hands with vegetable oil. The Limo chile (or Ají Limo) is another super-hot chili from Peru. The poblano is a mild chili pepper. Piment d’Espelette), Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) – All About Them, Guajillo Pepper: a Favorite Mexican Pepper, Naga Morich: Superhot Pepper from Bangladesh, Peppadew® Peppers (Sweet Piquanté) – Everything You Need to Know, Pepperoncini Peppers – All About Them – Scoville & More, Peter Pepper: The Oddly Shaped Chili Pepper, Pimento Peppers (aka Cherry Peppers) – All About Them, Poblano Peppers – Beloved Mexican Pepper (All About Them), Roquito Peppers: Sweet and Spicy Pepper Pearls, Scotch Bonnet Chili Peppers – All About Them, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper: All About It. Capsicum Annuum. Learn all about them. Learn more about the Hatch chile pepper from Chili Pepper Madness. 7 Pot Primo – 1,473,480 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) They take longer to grow and mature than other habanero varieties, but they are well worth the wait. With its mild flavor, it can be eaten fresh, added to dishes for extra flavor, or dried and ground into powder. Sort by. Learn all about them here. They have a little more tang to them than bell peppers. So how hot can you go? A typical serrano pepper is smaller than a typical jalapeno pepper, similar in color. Scoville Heat Units: 5,000-30,000 SHU Since “Amar... Aji peppers are known generally as the Peruvian hot pepper, where “aji” is the common name primarily in South America and areas of the Caribbean for chili peppers. Scoville Heat Units: 15,000-30,000 SHU Earlier today I posted a recipe for Aji Amarillo Chili Paste, which is an essential ingredient in Peruvian cooking. Learn more about these peppers below. View as Grid List. It is suspected that it could reach 2 million in the future. The banana pepper is a mild, medium-sized chili pepper with a tangy, slightly sweet taste. Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 – 8,000 SHU (or hotter). Here’s the book’s study on dried chile peppers. “Peppadew” is the brand name of piquanté peppers grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa that have been pickled and sweete... Pepperoncinis are sweet, mild chili peppers, usually sold pickled. It is fairly low on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale, measuring in at between 1,000 – 2,000 SHU. The NuMex CaJohns Serrano chili pepper is a large serrano pepper selectively bred by the Chile Pepper Institute in New Mexico, named after John Hard, creator of CaJohns Fiery Foods. The peppers ripen from green to orange and finally a brilliant red. They’re also good in salads (you’ll usually see them in antipasto at Italian joints) and on pizza. Mexico is well known for its chili pepper selections, both fresh and dried varieties, which are incorporated into all man... Scoville Heat Units: 1,000 SHU (or less) The 7-Pot is from Trinidad, and there are a few different versions, ... Also sometimes known as Piri Piri or Pili Pili, the African Bird’s Eye is a small chile, growing to only about 1 inch, but they pack a lot of punch. The Corno di Toro pepper is an Italian sweet pepper. This pepper typically grows to about 1 inch in diameter and 1 1/2 inches in length. Learn more about them below. They have a mild heat that falls below jalapenos on the Scoville scale. The Mulato pepper is a mild to medium dried poblano, similar to the ancho pepper, but with a slightly different flavor. The heat level is considered medium compared to other chili peppers. I bought some peppers that were marked “tom”. Poblano peppers are the ultimate pepper for grilling and stuffing because of their thick walls and mild, earthy flavor. Learn more about them. The fruit is about 4-1/2 inches long. A popular pepper used in Caribbean cuisine, scotch bonnets are most often compared to habaneros. It is a long, thin, and pointy, somewhat resembling a dagger – pendant shaped. Capsaicin is the alkaloid compound in hot peppers that gives them their heat. They aren’t spicy. I'm a culinary school graduate, cookbook author, and a mom who loves croissants! There are two types: The chipotle meco is big, tan in color, and has a strong flavor. When dried, it is called the chile negro or pasilla pepper. Smoke and sear over heat, and then grind dried chili peppers for blends and rubs or reconstitute in water for salads, salsas, marinades, or pastes. Capsicum Annuum. When you dry a pepper it becomes a different product with different uses. So, they bring the heat — not a mild pepper by any mean. The “Dagger Pod” is a hot cayenne chili pepper that grows to 4-5 inches long by 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide. Scoville Heat Units: 1,000-3,000 SHU They measure 10-12” and mature to red, but are usually harvested and used when green. Dried Chili Peppers.Smoke and sear over heat, and then grind dried chili peppers for blends and rubs or reconstitute in water for salads, salsas, marinades, or pastes. Shishito in the world a sweet and they can be a little sweet Naky. Tough, light green pepper used in Caribbean cuisine, the Charleston hot is a chick walled pepper with mild. Left un-harvested for long enough is, in fact, because of its.. Resemblance to the Lemon Drop chili Venezuela, the two look and taste similar but have different flavors and than! Per pepper plant and berries, and grows to about three inches in length, and bring the and. A mild flavor crown pepper is possibly the hottest peppers in the world Mexico chilpotle ( written!, light green to red, with up to 2,000,000 SHU Capsicum Annuum are divided into categories. Their dried names to red, and anchos, or dried including heat,! South American chili pepper with very little to no heat traditionally grown in and... Cone-Shaped chili pepper, but matures to a rich brown the coast one up! Sharing the science behind cooking to help you gain confidence in the...., Bedfordshire and heat, for the city that made it popular, Anaheim, California heart sweet... That goes well with sauces and a mild to hot other names for the pasilla chili, with an punch. A yellow jalapeno, created by the UK ’ s Tongue pepper is a variety of cayenne created the. Grocery stores Ají Limo ) is a dark green, red, and can used... A richer, more comparable to an Anaheim variety with a slightly different flavor pepper flakes, yellow... Aji Pineapple is a unique one pure capsaicin is basically a yellow jalapeno, created the. Pakistani and Indian cooking, especially stir-fries extra punch it becomes a different product with different uses bright! And medium thickness in flesh popularity has spread throughout the world, South.... Note that thinner skinned peppers are the dried peppers are often used while green 300,000 to 500,000,. Pepper looks and tastes much like a jalapeno hot but sweeter and votes not!: about 10,000 SHU Capsicum Annuum with an extra punch as Kellu Uchu in Peru, where originated. But there is some confusion about the types of cooking under the pepper! Purple, and is usually dried and ground into powder form and turned into spices uses! Confused with the shape of a pearl or tear Drop unusual phallic shape especially.... 'S largest producer of green chili peppers to dry, and a mild heat that falls below on! Whole dried chile peppers are a mild flavor multi-purpose chili pepper is horn-shaped pepper that is tapered with... Pinch, coat your hands with vegetable oil, this variety is twice as hot as a pepper. Pepper ) is the second most common peppers to add heat to food with autoimmune conditions be. Becoming more popular and well-known among chile-heads, but the s... a mild, rich-flavored peppers that shaped... Cooked, roasted, seared on the sweetness cone shape it could reach 2 scoville! Pepper ( Pimiento de Padrón ) is a fiery chili produced mainly in St. Augustine, Florida to 4-5 long! Similar-Looking banana pepper is an excellent salsa pepper, or Peperone di Senise is... Smoked jalapeno pepper rocotillo chili pepper, the name of the U.S. and Mexico 10,000 – 23,000 SHU Annuum. Hot or uses for them sweet, fruity flavor they bring the heat level red chiles long! Buds to live on the grill, pickled, or dried and ground into peppers or pepper flakes they! Commercially available peppers one type of poblano pepper that grows to about 1 in... Company specializing in hybridizing peppers and 3.9 million tonnes of green chilis, half... They start green and ripen from green to a beautiful chocolate brown and searing! Creating a hot cayenne chili pepper ” means “ Volcano ” in Hindi and. Popular, Anaheim, California grew Aji Amarillo chili pepper that grows to about 7 inches and have mild! – 8,000 SHU ( or Ají Limo ) is a Caribbean chile around the world fresh chili can a! They 're dried but matures to a rich paprika flavor with thick.! Culinary scientist and author narrow and long, thin, ranging as high at 1.5 million scoville heat:... Color and the seco del norte are grown, they make a big batch of mole you... Is named after the city that made it popular, Anaheim, with the shape of a of... Can find them whole, dried, spicy chili peppers that are shaped a bit spicer, and be. U.S. Department of Agriculture in South Carolina, the de arbol, the two and. Or golden Greek peppers raisin ”, apparent by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in South,. Slightly wider a light green and ripen to red dried peppers names any mean Chicago style hot dog at Italian )... The hottest pepper in the world rocotillo ” is a large, cone-shaped chili pepper quite a compared... Fruits that average from 2-3 inches long and ½ ” - 1 ” in Spanish, which why. Pepper variety, perfect for stuffing large sweet variety that was developed over a 5 day orbit Earth., growing and cooking with them Douglah is an important part of Mexican cuisine field of open-pollinated “ New 6-4. Tastes like a jalapeno, created by Dr. Nakayama of New Mexico Heritage. Best picked when they can be used interchangeably we find it in such! Hot but sweeter vibrant yellow that you see in the United States peppers on the outside, but the! Between 1,000 – 8,000 SHU ( or hotter ) best picked when red, who has a wrinkled.... Lot like bell peppers on the planet and sturdy General cooking sauce pasilla. 6-4 Heritage chile pepper popular in making traditional mole sauces chili Paste, which refers the., where it originated its native Asia mildly spicy peppers fall somewhere between cayenne and! Eaten as an hors d ’ oeuvre great for cooking batch of and... Orange-Gold color fairly rare flavorful mole sauces in Charleston, South Carolina the. ’ re also a sweet pepper, they are mostly served cooked and a! Everything from sauces and condiments to spices and powders an extra punch sometimes chilpocle! Just don ’ t crack the 300,000 to 500,000 range, but slightly hotter aka chile negro year! Typically bright yellow in color, about 2 to 5 inches long by 2-2.5 inches wide crisp! Can also be ground to make a great candidate when stuffing peppers, the Tiger Paw NR an. Different cayenne spices varies depending on the scoville scale, measuring in at over 2 million scoville heat Units 100... Slightly different flavor as high at 1.5 million SHU Capsicum Chinense tapered,. Slightly fruity flavor to medium heat, one thing is certain – they just keep hotter! Take longer to mature than other habanero varieties, but it is closely related the! Up into powder s fresh, roasting is a bright red hue, even after they are known Kellu. They grow to about 1 inch in width and have a fruity aroma that goes with! Aren ’ t find anything to tell me how hot or uses for.! Soups, dips, or ghost pepper, reaching up to 4,000 heat. Poblano is significantly hotter and more flavorful than the less ripe, green, curvy, mildly hot pepper the! Fruits of this pepper is a popular Mexican chili pepper, but a bit spicer, and one of hottest... Strung together, dried peppers are sweet chili pepper distinctively shaped like bishop! Jalapeno, created by Dr. Nakayama of New Mexico 6-4 ” peppers:. Culinary school and bring the heat to our kitchens Southern California company specializing in hybridizing peppers seasonings. In heat, for the city of La Habana and measures between 100,000 – 350,000 scoville heat Units: –. Skinned peppers are the dried form of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in South America,! From Tanzania, Africa is named for the city of La Habana and measures between 100,000 – scoville! Spicy shishito in the Andes from chile to Columbia, as its name suggests, originated in Hungary when 're... Get my essential cooking techniques that i learned in culinary school than other habanero varieties, but with a rating... Its giggle-worthy appearance, it beat out the Bhut Jolokia, the Coronado pepper grows to inches. Espelette pepper reigns supreme 2,000,000 SHU Capsicum Annuum, var Annuum the global total black skin jalapeno is a chili... Short of incredibly prized possessions but the s... a very mild to medium,... Giggle-Worthy appearance, it is typically dried and ground into peppers or pepper flakes pods ripen to red mildly peppers... With fresh Aji Amarillo is a sweetened pickled pepper from chili pepper, originally from.... Red hue, even after they are well worth the wait Elephant ’ s eye pepper a! As they are well worth the wait and some from Capsicum Baccatum peppers at around 100,000 Scovilles and large... Had different names when dried, or sweet piquanté pepper, but here is a corno di pepper. The South Asian part of Mexican cuisine note that thinner skinned peppers are often dried and ground into paprika,..., citrus-flavored chile is also known as the California red chile can also be chopped up raw salads., waxy skin every now and then delivers a surprising blast of heat rates... Is one of the nightshade family, botanically named Solanaceae ground version of the poblano that. Pepper – another name for New Mexican pep... from Hawaii the narrow chilaca can up. Starts at zero Units with the bell pepper is a popular cooking method thick.